Why Write . . . The Sequel

June 6, 2007 at 3:19 pm | Posted in Bria, writing | 2 Comments

Like Jessica, I love to read. There is a long standing family joke which says when I run out of books, I’ll start reading the back of bottles – thank goodness there hasn’t been a need to test that theory!

Is that the reason I write?

Yes and No.

I write because words are exciting. Because the unexplained, the unexplored and the untold are an adventure every time. Because I’m the story keeper of my friends and family. Because books are a gift and an escape. Because there are wolds and people and thoughts and characters in my head that want out. Because I know the book I was reading at every milestone of my life.

Because I have to.

I’d forgotten the last one for twelve years. After losing everything in a fire two months before getting my Lit & Creative Writing BA, I stopped scribbling. I couldn’t being myself to put pen to paper.

Until November 2006 what had been a joy had become a torture. An intervention from one of best girl friends re-awoke the urge. The conversation went something like this:

BGF: blah blah blah



ME: I’m listening.

BGF: No, you’re in your head. I would really appreciate it if you would just start writing again so you will pay attention when people are talking to you. If you get these stories out of your mind, you might be, well, like a real person.

And so it begins, again. The worlds and people are coming out to play and I had forgotten the pure joy (and occasional hell) it can be to work and craft something until you feel you can give it the nod.

This love affair with words, re-found after all these years, is like any lost joy: sweeter the second time.




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  1. You seem to feel the same way about writing as me. I love words, love love love them (maybe a little too much)

    Great post

  2. lol, leaving a comment about checking your PM over on divas… *please* it’s in the upper right hand corner of your screen as you log in, just click on it.

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