inspire, v.

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in·spire (ĭn-spīr’) v. To stimulate to creativity or action 

In the book, ‘What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School ’ by Mark H. McCormack, the author shares a story having to do with Tony Robbins, the life coach, and Jack Canfield, famous for the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ books.  In this story, Jack Canfield, in the early stages of his career, asks Tony Robbins how he, too, could one day become a millionaire. (And please bear with me as I very loosely paraphrase).             

Tony Robbins’s advice was very straightforward: If you want to be a millionaire, you need to spend your time with millionaires.                        

The idea being that Canfield could observe the attitudes, habits, conduct, and skills of millionaires . . . could network, ask questions, learn by osmosis, and elevate himself to their levels. Grateful for the information, Canfield thinks about the advice, sees the logic behind it, and thanks him for his honest and helpful opinion.                        

Then Tony Robbins follows up by saying: But it’s not enough to spend your time with millionaires.  You should also meet and spend time with at least one or two billionaires            

That is how you get inspired.             

Personally, I had not begun to dream big and pursue my lofty goals until I met my first ‘millionaire’ twelve years ago.  And for me, he was not a millionaire because of his financial status but rather for his human capital, i.e. for the way he led his life: extremely motivated, excelled at everything he did, and found a way to turn each of his goals into reality.  He is undeterred in his pursuit of life and he continues to inspire me.  I never thought I would meet another like him, until I met what I consider to be my first billionaire two years ago.  Again, I assigned him billionaire status not based on net worth but because of all he has done and continues to do with his life; his innate ability to inspire.  And I understand what Tony Robbins means by associating with such accomplished people – the steadfast energy of these two men, at least for me, is contagious.  They wow me, and I feel renewed motivation and hope when in contact with, what I consider to be, such forces of nature.              

I have a similar feeling for writers – I cannot help but be inspired by so many people who commit themselves to this writing life.             

The best mentors that I have had since I started writing were those writers who had a ‘pay-it-forward’ mentality.  As we climb each rung of the writing ladder, we all have the opportunity to be someone’s millionaire or billionaire – to help educate, motivate, and support one another through the writing process.  I believe that making meaningful and supportive connections with writers at all stages in their publishing careers is not only important for networking purposes but for the learning opportunities for everyone involved.   

So, to all of you – my millionaire, my billionaire, and the many gifted and talented writers I have met along the way, thank you for continuing to inspire me just by being you.   

Do you have someone who elevates your thinking to another level? Can you, in turn, be that resource for someone else?  



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