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This week’s topic, Inspiration, isn’t one I came up with, but when it was suggested I responded with: Sounds Great! (note the enthusiastic caps).

I began to think through what I would write and realized I had nothing to say on the topic. If you asked me what I did when I needed to think or where I went to clear my head, I could answer those easily. But Inspiration, that was another story.

And so I waited for, well, Inspiration. The lightning bolt, the clouds parting, the angels singing, an oversized light bulb hanging over my head – but still, nothing.

Then something happened. I began to think of Inspiration not as an event, but as a destination. How do I get to Inspiration, what’s the map – the journey?

And this formula is what I came up with:

Dream + Aspiration = Inspiration

Oh, it looks so important written out like that. I’m sure once you get past the very coolness of the formula, a part of you is saying ‘huh?’

Let me draw it out a little more for you.

Dream – that big desire that somehow at sometime mysteriously got planted in your heart.

  • To be a published author

Aspiration – the feelings/desires the Dream drives

  • To create something people want to fall into when they read
  • To not let my writing peeps down 
  • To not embarrass myself with my work

Inspiration – The Dream being combined with its Aspirations to drive you towards success.

It has been quoted more times than possible to count: ‘Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration’ -Thomas Edison. 

I might challenge that and say if Inspiration is the journey then Genius is the Dream Destination.



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