Life as inspiration

June 15, 2007 at 1:54 pm | Posted in inspiration, Meg, writing | 1 Comment

I’m a glass half empty kind of person and tend to fixate on the negative. So for me, inspiration is an interesting topic. I’ve been trying to figure out what inspires me to write, and have only come up with one thing:Life.

I’m a social worker in my other life and my career has put me in touch with the darkest of human tragedies and the brightest of human triumphs. I would NEVER use these individuals’ histories as background for my writing, but I’ve learned to use the pain and strength I’ve encounter collectively to inspire me. Otherwise, I think, it would eat me alive.

We have all encountered loss and heartbreak, joy and amazement in our lives. I’m no different. I’ve only learned to channel these feelings into my writing. When something horrible happens, I’m inspired to think through the event and figure out how to learn from it. Everything happens for a reason, and even though most of the awful things in life make no sense at all, they create waves that set off other events. Maybe the bad stuff inspires someone to change his life, grant forgiveness or prevent it from happening again. Perhaps the good stuff shines a light on the world for all to see and incorporate into their lives. I don’t know the reason why most things happen. I do know that it inspires me to write, to try and make sense out of things and live my life so I can add a bit of light into the world.



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  1. Dear Meg,

    i guess you did, the world, or at least a tiny part of it (me) received your bit of light.

    Thank You

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