The Goal before the goals

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I live by goals and I teach others to live by them as well.

The Big Goal is instrumental in driving your goals. One thing people often forget to do is the pre-work that goes into creating the Big Goal itself.

BUT, before we get going, I highly recommend that you read Jessica’s post about actually writing goals before moving forward. . . . . . . .OK, welcome back from Jessica’s Post.

I’m that person. You know – the one your boss tells you to go see when it’s time to move to the ‘next level.’

Good Luck! – Bria

The conversation often goes something painfully close to this:

Jane Manger:  Hi Bria. Mr. Boss told me to come see you about my goals for 2007. 

Bria:  Great! I love goals. Let’s talk about where you want to go.

JM:  Well, he says it’s time for me to move my group to the next level.

B:  Ok. What does that look like?

JM:  *blank stare*

B:  The next level. What is it? What does it look like?

JM:  A level above where I am now.

B:  Ok. Where are you now?

JM:  *extended blank stare*

And the work begins.

Before you can set goals, you need to know a couple of things first.

  1. Where are you now
  2. Where are you trying to get to
  3. How will you get there
  4. Is it possible (attainable)

Let’s try a run through:

I’d like to be a published author. That’s a Big Goal. BUT:

  1. I know I’m ½ through a fast draft (click here for more on Fast Draft)
  2. I need to  complete a manuscript and submit it to editors/agents
  3. I need to write the book
  4. Yes. It is attainable.

Jane Manager: So we’re done, right?

Not quite, my friend. Now we break this down into the goals.  The Big Goal sets the goals and the goals set the tasks.

For example, my current Big Goal breaks down like this for the month:

Write the Book

     Have a first draft of my first 8 chapters by July 9th

          Rip and Repair 74 pages between now and then

               R&R 3 per day week 1

               R&R 5 per day week 2

               R&R 7 per day week 3 (click here to check out my current goal sheet)

Everything after that becomes a task. A task being the actual work – write or edit.

What’s you’re Big Goal? How much pre-work have you done? What do your goals and tasks look like?  Once you break these things down (and done them the SMART way) it’s smooth sailing to success.


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