One word: Simplify

June 29, 2007 at 5:05 pm | Posted in Meg, writing | 2 Comments

I’m new to this wondrous world of the blog and last week I learned about tracking those who link to us. So I followed the bouncing blog to Practice Living and then to Lawren Coope and read about the concept of ‘one little word’.

The idea is to find one little word to summarize your hope for 2007. Mine for this year has been: Simplify.

I’ve applied this word to my life the past 180 days in so many ways, and thanks to critique partners and Diane Amos‘s Manuscript Diet, I’ve done it in my writing as well. I’ve trimmed my current ms of those horrid ‘no-no’ words (that, very, then, just, -ly words, was, etc), wordy expressions (despite the fact that), and redundant phrases (wink an eye or nod his head). I’ve cut out pages of backstory, tried to show instead of tell and eliminated drawn out descriptions.

In addition, I changed my writing style. Instead of jumping around in the scenes I put on paper, I’ve written in linear fashion. This has eliminated those ‘huh’ moments of trying to piece together the timeline of plot and character change. I get stuck when I can’t find the right word or if my character won’t tell me what to do, but it’s saved me hours of editing in the long run.

If you’re looking to start the diet plan, visit Diane Amos’s website and invite her to a chapter meeting or conference. Her workshop is excellent and will jump start any necessary word loss in your ms.

And figure out what word you want for your year. You still have 185 days to apply it to 2007!




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  1. Great word, and great application to your life! Keep it up.

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