Sexy is as Sexy Does

July 13, 2007 at 9:06 pm | Posted in Bria, character, creativity, hero, life, relationships, romance, writing | 2 Comments

Hot – Fine – Good Looking – Cute – Handsome – Attractive – Luscious  

Justin Timberlake has been trying to do it all year – he’s trying to bring sexy back.  But can someone answer me this: What does that mean? 

As a writer, I take a stab at creating heroes women find attractive (don’t we all) – but there’s a fundamental problem with that.  Everyone finds different things attractive. 

I often joke around (I know you’re shocked) by saying things like “Every girl deserves at least one hot, dumb jock.”  I’ve had mine, and you know what? You can keep him. 

He was completely gorgeous.  Women would slip him their phone number while he was holding my hand. Agents (real ones, we checked) would approach him about modeling. Eyes followed him wherever he went. He had that something that went beyond the absurd good looks. 

When I met him, it didn’t cross my mind to be interested. He was just too good looking. Maybe that was it, maybe I was the challenge. Flowers in my car, candy in my coat pocket, cd’s in my player.  He pulled out every get-the-girl trick known to man. He was thoughtful and wanted to be around me all the time. He liked to show me off to his friends à look how funny/smart she is. 

He was also was needy, manipulative, self-absorbed, shallow and secretly insecure. 

Not to mention my last Hot Guy.   

Now, older and wiser, I find myself attracted to a different type of man. OK, the OC was a horrible show and lasted longer than it should have, but it’s perfect here: think Seth instead of Ryan. But could you make him stronger and add a dash of danger. Oh! Brood a little. Maybe have some deep dark secret that only I can heal for him. . .  

Ok, so maybe it isn’t all that cut and dry. So how do we transfer all of this into a hero that will speak to different woman? 

There are things all women are attracted to: Strength of mind, character, spirit, body. He must have the nugget of goodness in him somewhere . Devoted to the heroine. 

All About Romance did a poll in 2006 of the top 10 Heroes (as well as Heroines and Couples) and the one thing that came clear to me is that women like a strong man who stands by his principles (whatever they might be) and is devoted to the heroine. 

So, I’m dying to know – WHAT ARE YOU ATTRACTED TO? 

-bria heartlette    



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  1. Now, I dated an albanian once… But he was full of himself…so less ego, right?

    I like a little irreverence, fun…
    okay, goodlooking helps and i’ve got a handsome fellow, so…
    He’s smart to the point of some irritation but it really gets me when he starts talking tax law. Don’t ask me why!!! Oh Baby! LOL

    You’re right, women want what’s on the inside to count. Honesty, compassion, loyalty, confidence…

  2. […] realistic character – especially the hero or heroine.Sticking with heros and men is #33.   Sexy is as Sexy Does Let’s take a look at what’s attractive AND what isn’t.4.     Where the HECK is my Blog […]

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