Lost in my own mind

July 27, 2007 at 3:06 pm | Posted in creativity, Meg, relationships, writing | Leave a comment

Ahh the contreat! A whole weekend to talk about writing, do some writing and read some writing. Heaven on earth. At least for me. It was great to be with my two heartlette pals- we laughed, we learned and (yes, as you can guess) we wrote.

At least I did. Being the wonderful, understanding ladies that they are, Jess and Bria allowed me a good portion of Saturday evening to finish a chapter I’ve been struggling with for weeks. They vacated the premises and checked in periodically to make sure I hadn’t tossed my laptop over the balcony in frustration. I finished the chapter and then some. It was great.

Well, mostly great. The problem was, I got so involved in my story, I had a hard time pulling myself out of it. When they returned and promptly instructed me to get out of my own head, I was too drained and my ability to communicate with live human beings disappeared. Verbally, I couldn’t complete my sentences or interpret nonverbal cues. I was a social mess.

If you’re a writer, I bet this has happened to you at least once (if not every day). You get so into your story or characters, you lose track of time and ability to function. Maybe you’ve missed an exit on the highway because you’re ironing out that conflict. Or you were late in picking someone up because that love scene was flowing out your fingertips. Or you lost bits of conversation because you were figuring out dialogue in your mind. Whatever the social infraction was, hopefully it wasn’t too detrimental to anyone’s welfare or relationship.

For me on the contreat, I was blessed to have two people who not only understood my needs, but respected them (even if they did laugh at me a bit). So I thank Bria and Jess for all they gave me on the contreat. I feel blessed to have these women in my life and I look forward to the next contreat!

If you’re thinking of attending a ready made conference, check out the chapter pages on RWA National. Just about every chapter has their own conference and some even have online courses. There is also Romance Divas that Bria has mentioned. They have courses all the time to enhance your writing. Or if you’re interested in having your own contreat with some friends, you can invoke your own guest speakers by ordering tapes of conferences (such as the 2007 RWA Nationals) to listen to with your writing friends.



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