Where the Heck is my BLOG?

August 2, 2007 at 4:06 pm | Posted in Bria, career, goal setting, goals, writing | Leave a comment

Wednesday. Wednesday is my day to blog. I look forward to it each week. The running of ideas and the reading of my fellow Heartlettes’ posts as well as the hoping and thinking of something that someone (ANYONE!!!) might comment on. 

And so yesterday I posted. Today I returned to check out our site and the only thing I can say is “WHERE THE HECK IS MY BLOG?” 

Unfortunately, I didn’t save this blog on Delia O’Dell (my lovely writing partner / laptop) so, there won’t be a re-post going on. But it got me thinking, I’m am ridiculously self-competitive. I love to run myself against goals or personal bests. I knew my fellow Heartlettes wouldn’t have a problem when they knew the reason (yeah, someone explain it to me if you can) why my post wasn’t up on Wednesday, but it bothered my sense of meeting timeframes and goals – the feel of letting them down as well as myself. 

Knowing this about myself has been one of the driving forces in my accomplishments. In my other life, I coach people around their careers and developing that though their strengths and desires. One thing I always stress is not only know why you’re driven, but how you’re driven.  

If you like to run against numbers, then setting up measurable goals ahead of time is imperative. If you compete against others, then having a worthy (and hopefully willing) compatriot in that is great. 

As a writer, I’m excited by the self-competition. Creating my goals, running against them, meeting them or being motivated to recoup them keeps me moving forward when I would otherwise stall out. And it has the added value of not creating a muck within my writing relationships. 

I would hate it if I was moved by desires such as “I’ll be the first Heartlette published” or some such other nonsense. My girls are a support and a banner to follow, pushing me forward in my low times.  My goals are a force that pushes me from behind up those big hills. How lucky am I to have such great energies surrounding my dreams. 

Good luck with your dreams and Go Write!



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