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August 13, 2007 at 8:48 am | Posted in creativity, Jessica, writing | Leave a comment

We thought it might be fun this week to talk a little bit about a particular piece of our writing processes, namely where it is that we get the writing done. I receive a number of electronic writing newsletters, and I love receiving each one for different reasons – between them, just about all of my writing interests, curiosities, and questions either get met or sufficiently piqued. One such newsletter, The Motivated Writer, has a fun segment in each issue called, ‘Creative Spaces’ in which a featured author provides a snapshot of the places where they write.

As for me, I don’t have a well-organized or feng shui’d space where I get my writing done. I just switched apartments, so while the intention is to have a home writing office I am still in the process of unpacking, decluttering, and purging, and, unfortunately, my eventual office is now my temporary storage facility.

I have had to find a way to get the writing done whenever I could find the time, wherever I was at the time. On an Alpha Smart or a spiral bound notebook, I have been able to continue on but have not been the most efficient writer.

All is not lost, however. I also just recently broke down and purchased my very first lap top and my writing is now more with me than it’s ever been. The good news: I can now write with greater ease, just about anywhere. My favorite place to work is in my new apartment while curled up on my loveseat or hunkered down in my bed, depending on the time of day.

So while I still strive to align my life with feng shui principles, the investment in my new lap top gives me a creative freedom and portability I hadn’t felt before. On the flip side, I have no more excuses not to write. As Marley so aptly stated last week, writers never truly take a vacation.

Have lap top, will write!

But when I do finally get that office ship-shape, perhaps I, too, will be able to share pictures of this motivated writer’s new creative spaces.

Wherever you do your best work, I hope you have the chance to spend lots of quality time there this week. Happy writing!



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