What I can’t/won’t write. . .

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I’m going to put the standard disclaimer right here. Right at the top where no one can miss it: THE IDEALS PRESENTED IN THIS POST ARE STRICTLY THOSE OF BRIA. ALL JUDGMENTS AGAINST SAID IDEALS SHOULD BE SENT DIRECTLY TO: opinionstobeignored@yahooo.com. 

I have a difficult time reading sex scenes – so I highly doubt I could write them. It isn’t that I have a problem with them being there, it’s just that those characters have become so real it feels intrusive to join them in bed, or on the desk, or in the library, or. . .oh, you get the point. So writing them, ah yeah, I’m not sure I could take my hands away from my eyes to type what was going on. 

In my writing world, I have friends who write erotica. Good for them, I have no problem with that being your thing. Just don’t ask me to critique it, you won’t get anything useful as I blushingly skim 90% of your book.  Beyond that, my other life spills into this sometimes as well.

OK, the big confession. Ready? Here it is: I am a Christian. Dun Dun Dah.  

Now, I hear all those preconceived notions rushing through your head. But really, how many Christians do you know well (besides the crazy one standing on the corner you pass everyday going to work yell ‘The End Is Near?’) Do you really know the person who is trying to live a good and faithful life without the signs and the finger pointing? 

In this other life of mine, I work in youth ministry – even this year, as I take time off, I’m continuing to mentor girls one-on-one.  And here are the questions I ask myself:  If one of my kids got a hand on my books, would this scene cause embarrassment or shame? Would it — through imaginary people — give them the wrong idea of how I live my life?  

It’s hard to ignore those questions when a thirteen year old looks at you and says, when I grow up, I want to be Bria. (I try to refrain from saying ‘Dude, even I don’t want to be Bria.’) 

Will there never be on-page sex in my books? I don’t know. Right now, it isn’t right for me or the people in my life. 

After saying that, what I’m writing now may still be seen as crossing the line. My YA Fantasy delves into my own beliefs, but coming at it around the back and through a window — looking at the components of Faith (as well as Love and Womanhood) by using a divided nature goddess to move the themes. 

Hey, Lewis had his Lion, Tolken had his Ring, I have my Moon nymphs. Get over it. (Said very humbly in light of who she is mentioning.) 

So, while I won’t (or can’t) write sex, I will push the way people think about their faith. Not as a form of disrespect, but as a challenge. I have a lot of respect for people who live by their beliefs (any beliefs) in truth and faithfulness. Standing true to what you believe is hard, but everyone does it to some extent. Some do it for faith reasons, some for moral, some on principle. But we all do it, we all have that line. 

Find your line. Draw it in dark black tar. Live by it. 

Go Write-bria



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  1. hey bria… I’m not surprised by this revelation. Only surprised by the insight into the stories you write. We need good YA books out there. I’m glad you’re doing it.

    I have no problem reading sex scenes…I’ve even written a few. There’s an element of ‘thrill’ when two people get to get together. LOL, I almost said cheap…

    I’m finding though that my stories end up having way less sex than I anticipate! There might be tension or tenderness but, how often do people really have sex? Right? I’m married with children…hardly ever. Was young, christian and guilt ridden…only when passion swept us away and we were too stupid to get seperate.

    Other people? with work, social lives, family, appts., work, fatigue, sickness…the list goes on. It’s evident in my writing. There just doesn’t seem to be time between finding dead bodies, fixing boo-boos, chasing bad guys and solving mysteries…

    Anyhoo. It’s possible something hot will happen. will my family appreciate a book like that? No. Do I have family who reads that kind of book? Yes. So who do I try to please? No one but me and God…and maybe the hubby. 😉

    My conscience is clear.
    is yours?
    OMG, I just blogged on your blog! LOL
    Love you Bria

  2. Wow, awesome post, Bria. I think it’s great that you stand so strongly by your beliefs and aren’t ashamed to admit it. Not, of course, that you have anything to be ashamed of, but I come from a predominantly Christian family and I have to say that most aren’t exactly comfortable sharing their beliefs for fear of being ridiculed, like the corner yeller in your post. 🙂 I commend your honestly and respect your morality! ~Ally

  3. Thanks so much ladies – I find it easy to respect anyone who can stand by what they believe – even when it differs from my own beliefs. Often, it’s about steadfastness to me.

    Have a great week!

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