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August 24, 2007 at 8:39 am | Posted in career, Meg, romance, storytelling | 2 Comments

When I started looking into ‘professionalizing’ my writing (joining writer’s groups, submitting to agents/editors, etc.), I realized how little I knew about the jargon associated with writing romance. I sat at my first RWA chapter meeting with a deer in the headlights look as people described their writing genre- single title, contemporary, regency- huh?

Confused as well? As we all heard as children, when you don’t know a word, go to the dictionary. Or for the twenty-first century, go to Wikipedia.com for all your romance subgenre needs.

So within this realm, what can’t or won’t I write? Is it lazy to say ‘ditto’ on what Jessica said? Yes? Damn.

Well, to sum up, I don’t know my Elizabethan age from my Marie Antoinette world (or even if I have them in the same ballpark) so you most likely won’t find my name in the historical section. And don’t look for me in the erotica part of your bookstore. At least not until my kids have grown. I have no problem with love scenes, but it’s hard to get into a highly sensual scene with little voices around me begging to play Star Wars. Lastly, within romance, I don’t think inspirational is my genre for many reasons, least of all being that my current heroine swears on the first page of the book. Oops.

Then, outside of romance, I can’t do thrillers. At least not the suspenseful plotlines I come up with in my head. We’ll talk about writing superstitions in a future blogweek, but here’s one of mine: if I ever wrote and published a thriller, I fear having someone copy it in real life. Some of the serial killers in my head are sick bastards (see I can’t even write an inspirational blog!). I don’t think the world needs them out there.

So I haven’t mentioned paranormal, have I? A few months ago, this would’ve been on the list, but a new series involving teens and witchcraft has invaded my psyche. I’ve enjoyed researching spells (Scott Cunningham has numerous titles) and Wiccan beliefs and hope to incorporate all this into my next project.

The important lesson to know is you might not want to limit yourself to specific genres forever. While I won’t or can’t write the above categories right now, who knows what the future will bring.




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  1. hello purple hearts,

    just dropped by to check out the latest entry in your blog…

    hope all is well.


  2. Thank you for dropping by and for taking the time to comment. We love to know that people are tuning in, and hope that at least some of what we say is interesting and helpful. We hope that you will come back often!

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