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August 29, 2007 at 10:02 am | Posted in Bria, inspiration, writing | 6 Comments

Here’s how it began. I was on my RD writing forum and I mentioned to that Diva you all know and love, AJ, that I had renounced your typical celebrity crush (which you would understand if you too had sat through Last Legion. Colin, what have they done to you!) in favor of a new and improved cyber crush.

I sat, waiting for the peals of laughter.

“Oh, me too. Who’s yours?” she asked.

What? Is this not an awkward surprise you try to hide from your friends?

Let’s come to a screeching halt and back up for a moment to review my ‘from a distance’ crushes, shall we?

My first literary crush was either Taran or Prince Peter when I was probably nine. . . the fact that they were made up (if I have to tell you by whom, stop reading now) effected this not at all.

Next came when the Hardy Boys moved to Sunday nights, and really, who didn’t fall in love with Parker Stevenson?

Never did the whole Tigerbeat thing, but I will admit that Joey is the cutest New Kid.

I’d moved on to the joys of on screen-love affairs. But, the truth is, I’ve given up on Rupert Penry-Jones and Bradley Cooper (second season Will Tippin, please). No more celebrity crushes for me. I’m moving up in the world.

Now I have a cyber-crush, a blog crush as it were.

This is what it’s come to. Writers spend all their time typing away and mixing with other writers on-line. We read, we research, we get to know – on some level -other people in our new community.

And so, you heard it here first. I plan on starting a new trend and get some of these on-line guys into People’s 50 Most Beautiful People (which I only read at a certain friend’s house – a friend, who secretly buys and hides trash magazines around her house — don’t tell, this is obviously my ‘secret’s revealed blog.’) 

So, who might you ask is my blog crush. I’ll tell you, but you have to keep under your proverbial hat. JAK from Argonaut. If you see him in the hall, pass him a note telling him some nerdy girl loves the poetry he posts.

Part of the allure could be that I have absolutely no gift with poetry (Fast Drafters, don’t mention the funny limericks for Sue, please). Perhaps I could woo him into writing some lines for my moon goddess binding ritual.

When he went away, I missed him. When he’s posting, I go to see him everyday. Sometimes I go twice, just to reread something I particularly liked. Could it be love? Could it be convolutedness (just like FlanTastic, if you use it enough it becomes a word.)

I thought I was going insane – or at least being a little wackier than normal. But, when I mentioned my blog crush to the Diva friend AJ, she responded with, “Oh, mine’s Jack from the Dictionary of Jack.”  

I realized just how much we’ve changed our world, how it effects our writing.

And then I thought, perhaps I’m not so nerdy after all. Or maybe my friends are even nerdier than I am. And so, while this isn’t some weird new version of sending flowers, I would tell you all, go out and find people who are doing things you can’t do, things that impress you and challenge you to write better. Usually it’s better than a Natalie Goldberg prompt.

Who is your cyber-crush? Let me know so I can check him out.

Anyway, go visit JAK, then, Go Write





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  1. LOL!!!!! My My yes I do. PLEASE don’t tell my hubby. He’ll flip. I have TWO.

    If my redneck finds out, I’ll know who told.

  2. Oh, Joey is sooo the cutest new kid…;) I don’t have a cyber-crush. Not yet anyway. Looking forward to it.

  3. Cyber crush!?
    OMG, I never even considered it…

    well, Bria, you do think of the greatest things. I have to blog tomorrow and i’m still twiddling my thumbs over it.

    So I stopped by and left a message for your crush. Seems like a nice enough blogger. Stopped over at Jack’s too. FUNNY.

  4. Jennifer! I’m tellin’! 😉 I have one from MySpace. He’s from Australia and writes sci-fi fantasy/comedy. His name is Simon Haynes

  5. I am certainly flattered. Such kind words. Nice little corner of the interWeb you folks have here committed to literature and the like. I hope you keep reading. And thank you for the shoutout. I love to hear when people enjoy my writing, but at the same time it creates some pressure to continue to produce. On the surface this can be a bad thing, no worries though for I enjoy the pressure. Without it I am too spotty of a writer. Sometimes you have to get inspiration to chase you and sometimes you are chasing it. It helps if both are working in tandem. However I reserve the right to continue to be inconsistent when it tempts me (for instance my oh so close 5 day weekend starting tomorrow as I escape to Philly for some vacation).


  6. Bria,
    I have one for you, and when you see it I think you’ll join me in giggling:

    How I love a man who can dance! That he has a sense of humor makes him that much more crush-able. Thanks for the fun day on the blog! Great post!

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