Very superstitious, writings on the wall

September 7, 2007 at 1:52 pm | Posted in Meg, writing | Leave a comment

I won’t go into details, but it’s been a long, emotional week. Therefore I’m not feeling very creative and I’m really not in the mood to sit in my 90 degree computer room (see Writing Excuse # 27 in action) to edit my blog or ms. And being exhausted and emotionally spent, I hate the blog entry I had initially prepared so I’m rewriting poorly here. Whine whine whine. I know and am sorry.

Superstitions are (is?) the topic this week and I’m Stevie Wonder’s muse. I’m infamous for ‘knocking on wood’ or yelling ‘take that back’ when someone says something awful. I rarely daydream about something I want because things I envision rarely come true. So walking through an exercise to visualize my writing success, receiving ‘the call’ or seeing my book published? Can’t do it. Too superstitious I’d wreck that possibility. I’ve also mentioned in a previous post that I won’t write horror due to a fear someone would replicate the serial killer’s behavior. My worst case scenario thinking provides ample opportunities for murder and mayhem (if you do write horror or suspense and need help with a scene, I’d be happy to offer these sick thoughts to you at no cost or mention of my name!).

Since that caps my creativity and insight today, I cheated and surfed the internet to find some writing superstitions out there in cyberworld. Garbl’s Myths and Superstitions of Writing caught my eye because it has some great grammar lessons. Not sure if these constitute superstitions as outlined in The Other Side blog, but important lessons nonetheless.

And I apologize again for the lame blog and promise to do better next week! Have a great weekend and happy writing!



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