Story Serendipity

October 3, 2007 at 6:40 pm | Posted in Bria, Fast Draft, story, storytelling, writing, young adult | 3 Comments

I did a read-through of my YA Fantasy and shocked myself. There were moments of brilliance that had nothing to do with my conscious brain — moments of Story Serendipity.  

The final page of the manuscript is concerned with the return of the heroine (lots of under-story there, so bear with me.) In a show of humility, she kneels before the prince submitting herself for punishment or forgiveness. 

I remembered writing the scene. I love the scene. I love the end of my manuscript, it ties a lot together. It shows her growth as well as his new knowledge of himself.  

What I didn’t remember, even though I was consciously trying to run their lives in parallels, was the prince, when he rebelled against his bounds, returned home to ask for forgiveness and acceptance. He did this, in the same room, during the same meal by kneeling before the king. 

I knew I wanted the two stories to echo one another. I knew having similar experiences was the only thing that was going to over come the hurdles the two characters faced. 

What I expected to happen was to write two scenes and — with my luck — fall in love with both of them. Then, in attempt to weave continuity, I would pick the one that worked the best and throw away most of the other. 

But then I did my read through and thought “Wow! This is going to work.” One is a Prodigal Son story and one is a Coming of Age story. They are told in different ways — one we’re there and one we’re told about —  but they work together perfectly. 

I’m a huge believer in playing the “What did I learn” game. And here is what I learned writing my story AND plot: I live it. It’s in my head and it’s so real that things I didn’t know existed come to the surface – especially when Fast Drafting (Candy said it would, but hey, I doubt me not her.) The telling becomes something close to recounting a trip to a friend – I was there, I know what happened. 

So, Story Serendipity — it happens to all of us.  When did it happen to you? Let me know, then Go Write




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  1. After several minutes of typing and deleting…

    Your post reminds me of the tv show, The A-Team. At the end of each show, Hannibal (George Peppard) would say, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

    Story serendipity happened to me in a previous story, when I managed to tie my heroine’s insecurity to a pivotal event that occurs later in the story.

  2. Story Serendipity… I think it’s possible even when you’re not a pantser. Bria, your experience definitely shows the value of trusting your instincts and allowing your subconscious stay busily at work to pull out gems like that when it’s the artist’s turn at the keyboard! I’m learnin’ lots from you too!

  3. love those moments. where the writing or art takes over and your not totally conscious of all the connections and levels of the piece. the more i create the more those moments come and the more i trust them, even though i never really see them coming much less remember exactly how they happened. nice post, congrats on the ending.

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