Can writing be the new sex?

October 12, 2007 at 2:22 pm | Posted in Meg, rewards, writing | 2 Comments

Okay, not only am I late in writing this, but I only have a few minutes to be inspired, write something brilliant and post before my real life starts up again. Yeah, I know, not gonna happen.

You see, life got in the way again this week. A weird virus invaded my children causing fevers, rashes, facial swelling, something out of a bizarre horror movie. I haven’t had more than five minutes to myself until today and these short two hours were spent doing the work I get paid for on a weekly basis. I won’t even get into the laundry piled up, dust bunnies taking over or the dishes in the sink. Okay, my whine and attempt to beg for sympathy in this pathetic post is over.

So, during all of this crazy week, are rewards on my mind? Yes, but they are a step removed from those Bria discussed. She shared her views on rewarding herself when she reaches her writing goals. I’m a bit jealous. Weeks like this, actually writing is my reward.

Yes, getting to sit in my barely comfortable chair at my non-ergonomic desk in my cold (or hot depending on the erratic weather) computer room is a reward for surviving the chaos of illness, motherhood duties and part time work. Crafting a scene, creating dialogue, building the tension between two characters…argh…heaven right now. The orgasmic joy, the unbelieveable thrill, the complete estacy (yes, I’m using some sexy words here but we’re romance writers, right?). The only thing better would be a good night’s sleep!

So, I’m not going to lament over this post, but will sign off ASAP to squeeze in some writing before I have to do school pickups. Hopefully the other school moms won’t misinterpret the glow on my face. Or if they do, who cares!

-Meg  (who does acknowlege that she used the words orgasmic and sex in this posting and doesn’t care if she’s too provocative- after all that’s why she’s put on Fridays-LOL)



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  1. What a post, Meg.
    I sincerely hope next week is a better week!

  2. Meg,

    It also beats chocolate. Well, most of the time. Writing, that is.


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