Famous People as Guardian Angels

October 24, 2007 at 3:35 pm | Posted in Bria, friendship, inspiration, life, tool kit, writing | 5 Comments

You may note that I’ve taken down my blog and reposted for my turn on Wednesday. 

Here’s why: I’m having a horrible week. I’m not going into it because the people who know me MUST be sick of me bitching about this one specific thing. It shall not be mentioned. 

INSTEAD – I’m looking for reader input. A name. A story. An event. Anything to turn the tide of bitterness. Any uplifting story that stays in your emotional toolkit. What famous person (writer/artist/musician/heck, at this point I’ll even take politicians/etc.) has had a Guardian Angel moment with you.  

Anything counts from mentoring to just an encouraging word. Please! I need to hear about the love! Where has it gone, where is the love? 

Uplift me so I don’t feel so overwhelmed J 

Then Go Write



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  1. my great grandmum, who was a wisewoman, would say,
    “Believe in what you want to come to pass, not in what you fear, for surely you will get what you “know” to be. Power in word, thought and deed.”

    I too, believe this to be true. I also believe in wonderous things, and that sometimes miracles are very small in nature. You might need to look closely to see them. 😉

    As for a guardian angel moment…I have had so many in my life. And I always thank those angels for their intervention. I must keep them quite busy. 😛

    Once, I planned to go to a concert with some acquaintances of mine, but something held me back. I didn’t go and instead someone else went with them. On the way back they had an accident. The girl in the front passenger’s side was killed instantly. The guy driving the car was my acquaintance’s cousin, would have been my blind date, and was incredibly drunk. Hit ran off the road and over a hill into a tree. Everyone else in the car except the driver, was left paralyzed for life.

    The concert was one I wanted to see badly. It was the Who, playing in Cincinnati…where several people died…trampled to death in a crush to get inside.

  2. Oops. LOL I think I misunderstood your question. I thought you meant real guardian angels and real moments of life and death. Sorry.

    If someone helps me I don’t consider them a “guardian angel.” I consider them a friend. And I do likewise. That is how it is supposed to be, hon. Each person helping another. Working together to make something special and positive in this life, in our world.

    “Pass it forward” isn’t a new concept. I know it’s been around at least 2,000 or so years. 😉

  3. Here’s a cyber hug to improve your week, Bria!

    And a shout out to a recent writing guardian angel. During a bad week when I almost quit the whole writing dream, I received an email from Lea Schizas of the Muse On Writing conference http://www.freewebs.com/themuseonlinewritersconference/index.htm and http://leaschizaseditor.tripod.com/. When I told her I couldn’t figure out the conference sign up list, she kicked my butt with an email that she NEVER left a writer behind. She made me smile and tossed me a life jacket! Thanks, Lea!

  4. I had the delightful opportunity to meet one of my heroines, Elizabeth Berg. I hung around after a book signing, waiting until the last person in line had their autograph and left. I approached Ms. Berg and, with a gulp, told her I was also an author. And she listened, attentively, to my novice anticipation of this new world I’d recently entered and was navigating with some trepidation.

    When I spoke of how difficult it can be to get started as a writer–searching for an agent, a publisher, a kind word for your work–she said something that has kept me going. “Write first for yourself. If you do, your writing will be true, and the rest will fall into place.”

    I live by those words. And, when I get discouraged because the agent hasn’t called back, or the publisher said ‘no thanks’, or a kind word isn’t forthcoming, I pull up a manuscript and repeat the mantra: “Write first for yourself.”

    Linda Rettstatt

  5. […] to borrow from Bria, maybe one of these ‘famous people’ will unwittingly turn out to be a guardian angel […]

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