Signs, signs, everywhere there’re signs

November 9, 2007 at 8:55 am | Posted in Kristan Higgins, Meg, motivation, NaNoWriMo | 3 Comments

October 29- The spacebar on my keyboard begins to stick and the left side of my neck and shoulder blade ache (a sign I’ve been spending too much time at the computer)

October 30- The four books I’ve been wanting for months arrive at the library

October 31- I slice the tip of my index finger and the band-aid is not conducive to typing

November 1- I realize I have no conflict or climax for my story and go over my calendar for the month to discover this is the worst month for me to find free time (I will literally have only two hours of nonwork, nonfamily time the whole month)

November 2- I papercut my middle finger, and again, the band-aid interferes


November 3- I try to piece together my story but I had erased the notes as well.

Now I’m not sure if I’d call myself a spiritual person, but I do believe we are all on this earth to follow a certain path. When we are on the correct path, the stars are aligned and all is right with our world. If we veer off in a different direction, forces collide to push us back. So looking at the last week, I’d have to say, I don’t think I’m meant to be working on this story and/or doing NaNoWriMo right now.

Call me superstitious, call me crazy, but it’s a gut feeling. I have no idea why. Maybe this isn’t the right time to write the YA, maybe I’m supposed to refocus on my edits. Or maybe, as my husband said this morning, I need to take a break from writing and do something else to recharge.

I don’t know. All I know is I do want to write this story and I don’t have another one in me itching to get out. At least not now. Lana’s friends have their stories as well, but they haven’t pushed to the forefront enough to take over my thoughts. Yet.

And I feel terrible about it. I have two friends doing NaNoWriMo with me and I’m afraid I’ll let them down if I quit. So on Saturday night, I shelve writing and pull out one of the books (Catch of the Day by Kristan Higgins which I highly recommend) and I have an epiphany (as well as a late night as I stay up reading until 2am).

Why not try something different? I’m sneaking out of my comfort zone to write YA so why not go all the way into first person narrative? On Sunday, I sit at my computer and a thousand words flow out my fingertips. I’m having fun and loving the process. I’m back in the game!




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  1. Meg, so glad you have found something new about the writing process that has pulled you back in. But you know that your friends will support you when you truly need to step back and take a break — and they’ll know when to give you the tough love and not let you do it or help by giving you permission to take the time you need for you and your muse. Have faith, hang in there, and be true to yourself . . . in doing that, you know you’ll bounce back!

  2. such horrible luck. quite a string of bad signs. i always try to search for some hidden meaning when I start to see a lot of signs like that. but its always a great sign to keep your head up and keep going in a positive direction. good luck with everything.

  3. Meg- So glad I pulled you to the dark side of writing YA!

    Really stinks about your NaNo stuff – – – I lost a bunch of stuff in college in a crash and totally feel your pain! Before that I had never thought of emailing myself every night.

    My weird sign (and I don’t tell many people this, so why I’m putting it on our blog I don’t know) – If I start hearing the song “Salisbury Hill” a lot, change is in the air —- I know, I don’t even listen to those stations!

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