The first annual Turkey Hi-Fives!

November 23, 2007 at 5:39 pm | Posted in Meg | 2 Comments

I started to write this week’s blog yesterday knowing I’d be hitting the malls this morning and wanting to seem positive and appropriately thankful. I didn’t get it done. Now it’s 4:15pm, I’ve been up for twelve hours, braved three major department stores, went to work, entertained my two children with packing popcorn arts and crafts projects and now I’m tapping into the bottom of my energy reserves to sneak vegetables into my kids’ French toast for dinner and craft an eloquent blog that will honor my fellow heartlettes’ essays on gratitude. Yeah, I know, ain’t gonna happen.

So instead, it’s time for the Turkey Hi-Fives. You know those creative Thanksgiving crafts using a child’s hand as the turkey. Well, on that theme, here are a few of the recipients of the 2007 Turkey Hi-Fives, those individuals, things, etc. that make this world a better place (and it goes without saying that my friends and family deserve hi-Tens this year!):

1. For the agent who put my faith back in agents: Nathan Bransford of Curtis Brown Ltd. Mr. Bransford has a fantastic blog with updates on the market and information for writers at every stage. Not once have I read a disparaging remark about a querying, unpublished writer nor shameless promotion of his clients. He respects the process, the difficulties and the frustrations writers go through to get published and is willing to help. So thank you, Mr. Bransford for being a fun blogger with a great personality and someone who cares about those of us putting words on paper!

2. Boston Red Sox Fans: My mom, an avid Red Sox fan herself, sent me this link from Disabilities Awareness Day at Fenway Park when a man with autism got a case of the giggles half way through singing the national anthem. It’s a good reminder that if we all pull together, we can accomplish amazing things.

3. The wonderful library system that allows me to request books online from any library in a thirty-mile radius and have them delivered to the local branch 500 feet from my door. I love it! Especially with all the YA research I’m currently doing, I couldn’t afford to read as much as I do! Or waste time traveling to libraries to find the books I want. Thank you my favorite librarian ladies (especially the ones who know me well enough to let me take out books even when I forget my card!)

4. My vacationing muse. Yeah, I know this is a shout out to myself in a way, but I’m not writing and I’m loving it. I know my muse is off enjoying the holiday, hopefully somewhere warm and tropical, and will return, but for now, I love having all this extra time to do something other than sit in front of my computer staring at a blank screen.

5. To whatever guardian angel or spirit that was looking out for me this morning, there is a special hi-5 for you! I spent way too much at Toys R Us this morning in the too-caffeinated-hour-long-wait-for-the-register insanity and then proceeded to two other stores across town and realized I lost my Toys R Us receipt. Two hours later, I randomly drove back down the parking lot of Kohl’s and found it. So thank you Christmas shopping angel.

Okay, my orange puree is about done (see Sneaky Chef for details) and I will try and add more awards after some sleep. Check back next week! Hope you are all recovering from your turkey or pumpkin pie comas and enjoying the long weekend!




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  1. Meg, I love the turkey hi-fives! Very clever. Plus – how could I not respond to a post that thanks librarians?! And thank you, too, for sharing the national anthem clip. I hadn’t seen it before and found it very uplifting and moving!

  2. This is great Meg . . . and I do love Nathan’s blog.

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