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December 3, 2007 at 10:01 am | Posted in Jessica, movies, writing | 6 Comments

film_reelThe month of December is one of my favorite times of year for the festive feel that the holiday build-up gives me.  It’s also a difficult one for me when it comes to time management, so after discussing the idea with Meg and Bria, we’ve decided to go a bit low maintenance with our December blog posts and use our weekly entries as a chance to share a variety of our ‘Favorite Things’.

As I’m looking forward to the holiday break to start working on my first screenplay, I thought I’d mention a few of my favorite movies.  I once had the chance to hear script consultant Michael Hauge speak, and he advised us audience members to study the kinds of films we wanted to write. To choose about six films in the genre you’re writing, study them, watch them, know them inside and out, learn their rhythms, cadence, structure, etc. That all sounds very intuitive to me now, but when I first heard him say those words it was a pretty “A-Ha!” and “Well, duh!” moment for me.

So in the spirit of Favorite Things month, here are the six movies I’ll be studying over the next few weeks as I start work on my first screenplay:

The Rom-Com I’m shooting for mixes chick flick ideas with the crass humor most [men] find funny in a movie like Wedding Crashers.

Should make for some fun research at least! If you have any similar titles you think I should check out, please post them here so I can get them on my Netflix queue. I’d love to hear your ‘Favorite Things’ recommendations!

And speaking of favorite things, Elaine Spencer of The Knight Agency is spending this week with us as our December Honorary Heartlette. Tune in on Tuesday and Thursday and post a comment to one of Elaine’s posts – anyone who’s posted is eligible for our book giveaway. Names will be pulled at random at the end of the week.

Have a great week and keep writing!




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  1. Good luck with the screenplay!

    Last week, for the first time, I watched THE CUTTING EDGE (1992). I’d always heard great things about it, and now I know why. The dialogue is sharp and funny, and there’s incredible chemistry between the main characters. You might want to check it out!

  2. OH, some of mine are Strictly Ballroom, Camp, The Closet (French), Chasing Liberty, The Committments, Grosse Pointe Blank

    Great List – Great Ideas

  3. Thank you for the tips! I love to watch movies that work on multiple levels, and I have such greater appreciation for them now as I try to write one. I appreciate your sharing!

  4. Tina – thanks, too, for stopping by with the good luck wishes. I will keep you posted!

  5. hey Jessica-
    Additional movies I can’t resist in this genre (a clash between teen movies and romance):
    10 Things I Hate About You (my absolute favorite), A Cinderella Story (only for the One Tree Hill guy- you have to ignore Hilary Duff), A Walk to Remember, The Holiday (Jude Law found redemption), If Lucy Fell, John Tucker Must Die, A Lot Like Love and an old one (circa 1986) to get a guy’s humorous perspective is Staying Together (with Dermot Mulroney and Sean Astin in their teens).
    Enjoy! If I bring lots of popcorn, can I crash and have a girl’s movie night?

  6. These kinds of movies are an addiction for me, too! You bring the popcorn, I’ll supply the Diet Coke! Any time, Meg. Just holler!

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