The pathetic pass-off postponed thanks to you! (in other words, how our readers saved my blog)

December 7, 2007 at 8:15 pm | Posted in inspiration, Meg, movies | Leave a comment

I initially planned to write a pathetic entry today: due to unforeseen circumstances, my blog entry would not appear but would return at its regularly scheduled day next week. I even sent an apology email to Jessica and Bria in advance for my lackluster performance. Then I logged onto the blogsite and became inspired…BY ALL OF YOU!!

Yes, devoted blog readers, Honorary Heartlettes and comment posters, thank you! Without all of you tuning in each day and adding your feedback and love, this blog would just be three women venting about writing and life. With you, it’s a chance for us to share, interact, learn and grow. Knowing there are people out there in the cyberworld that feel as we do, think as we do and love writing as we do, makes us feel less alone, less isolated and less productive. So thank you!

That being said, here is a short list of movies to add to those already mentioned in Jessica and Bria’s posts and our readers comments:

  1. If Lucy Fell- Sarah Jessica Parker at her pre-Carrie Bradshaw best
  2. Staying Together-Sean Astin and Dermot Mulroney as teenagers- the last five minutes are worth it alone for the ultimate male perspective on social niceties
  3. Elizabeth-a great example of a strong female heroine
  4.  Aurora Borealis-if you’ve missed Pacey Witter
  5. Premonition-if you feel like trying to piece together a movie
  6. The Pursuit of Happyness-for inspiration to keep plugging away at the computer and submissions
  7. Lucky Seven-McDreamy in a Starbucks-type uniform
  8. John Tucker Must Die-teen flick at its best
  9. The Lake House-another movie to watch for clues and to fall in love with- who can resist Keanu?
  10. Eight Below-great movie about persistence and survival
  11. Elizabeth-unless you are a HUGE Orlando Bloom fan, skip everything but the last 20 minutes for the best road trip ever
  12. Win a Date with Tad Hamilton-That 70s show cutie
  13. Children of Men-okay maybe not a good choice unless you want to be depressed
  14. Bend it Like Beckham-another great persistence and follow your dream movie
  15. Sweet Home Alabama-if only we all had this difficult choice in men
  16. My Big Fat Greek Wedding-hilarious
  17. Serendipity-even without his boombox, John Cusack still rocks
  18. 10 Things I Hate About You-it’s been mentioned already, but still my favorite teen movie
  19. Carolina-Julia Stiles is one of the best ingenues out there

Okay, so after quickly going through my Netflix rental history and pulling out ones that caught my attention, I guess I didn’t have such a ‘short’ list. Hope you find something on our blog to add to your own queue!




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