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December 12, 2007 at 12:51 pm | Posted in Bria, music, writing | 4 Comments

Continuing in our “December: A month of Favorites” I give you: The Cover List. 

A couple years ago I got stuck at this Bachelorette Party – one of those where you truly wonder why you’re there and where the bride’s real friends are.   My friend and I were left waiting an hour sitting outside one of those bars – all the guys were wearing khaki’s and a blue shirt and all the girls wore, well, not much – and not in the good way. The only positive thing that came out of the evening was hearing one of the best cover bands I ever encountered.  

Please note: Redemption Song is not on the list. People – some things just should not be messed with. 

So, without further ado, a list of some of my favorite cover songs in no particular order – – – I’m sure a lot of people will disagree — feel free! 

1.           Ok, I’ll start out with my favorite – so disregard the “no particular order” for number one: I Need Love by ll Cool J – remade by Luka Bloom – I mean, the live acoustic version of the song done by an Irish folk-rocker. It doesn’t get any better.

2.           Jolene by Dolly Parton – remade by Natalie Merchant. I can’t find a clip or copy of this anywhere, but I found a ton of other people who saw her do it out at the fort in Newport with Billy Bragg. A+

3.           Speaking of that show in Newport —- Are You Experienced by Jimi Hendrix – remade by Belly — one of the few Hendrix remakes I like — I’m sure people will disagree. Oh well, it’s my blog

4.           But, speaking of Hendrix —- All Along The Watchtower by Bob Dylan – remade by Jimi Hendrix

5.           Hazy Shade of Winter by Simon and Garfunkel – remade by The Bangles – from a duo who took themselves too seriously to a group who thought no one took them seriously enough

6.           Sticking with the remade for movies idea — about half of The Commitments soundtrack

7.           This one is a good “did you know” – Me and Bobby McGee – by Kris Kristofferson – remade by Janis Joplin. I don’t think I’ll hear any arguments on this one

8.           I Fought the Law by The Crickets – remade by The Clash. I’m a fan of The Clash, so this one was a given

9.           Proud Mary by CCR – remade by Ike & Tina Turner – she blows me away with this

10.       What’s so Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding by Nick Lowe – remade by Elvis Costello — filed under songs you didn’t know were remakes

11.       Sweet Jane by Lou Reed – remade by Cowboy Junkies – when a great group remakes a great song by a great singer/song writer – well, you hope for something as good as this

12.       Always On My Mind by Willie Nelson – remade by The Pet Shop Boys – my parents are huge old school country fans and I grew up listening to it – this remake was vindication for my father constantly singing it around the house.

13.       Killing Me Softly by Roberta Flack – remade by the Fugees — kept the emotional feel but gave it a great new feel —- if that made any sense

14.       Walk This Way by Aerosmith – remade by Aerosmith and Run DMC – I was young, but I remember the big deal this was – plus the remake outshines the original 10 times

15.       Respect by Otis Redding – remade by Aretha Franklin – let’s be honest. She owns this song. Enough said 

16.   Last but not least – Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones – remade by The Sundays — one of my favorite examples of a cover perfectly redone.

Like I said, no specific order – but I’d love to hear your thoughts. And then get off Youtube and Go Write



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  1. Huh, I didn’t realize that Luka Bloom’s “I Need Love” was a remake. Learn something new every day. Lotsa great tunes on there. I have like 13 different versions of All Along the Watchtower in my iTunes. I think one of the best ones is the Indigo Girl’s live version. Amazing.

    And how did you know I’d been poking around YouTube? Dangit! Sorry, I got dumped from the chatroom earlier and couldn’t get back in. I’m about 300 words further along!

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Oh, another good cover Kaige.

    I had to rule some out or the list would have been absurdly long – keep it up on the writing, you’re doing great!

  3. Nice list of songs. Some I’ve heard and others I’ll check out. I love Janis Joplin. Alicia Keys did great cover of Wild Horses. Going to listen to Run DMC and Aerosmith’s Walk This Way.

  4. great list. ahh, bobby mcgee, such a simple indulgence. great song.

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