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December 19, 2007 at 12:33 pm | Posted in agents/ editors, Bria, inspiration, writing, young adult | 5 Comments

Blogs inform, challenge, motivate, inspire, and generally just tick us off. 

Everyone has blogs they check out everyday/week, so I thought I’d throw a couple non-heartlette/non-diva blogs about writing up there. I’d love to hear what other writers are reading – I’m always looking to learn something new!

1. I love agent blogs – I learn so much and have several I read on a regular basis because I’m planning on querying them, but for my Must Read Agent Blog of the moment, I’m nominating Nathan Bransford – Yup, like the other 1000 people that read this Curtis Brown agent’s blog daily, I’m a totally groupie. Nathan has a down to earth way of looking at his job, the publishing industry, and pop culture TV. Check him out HERE.

2. For a more no-nonsense look at the publishing world for writers, I’m linking to AuthorMBA – timely, accurate, informative. Check it out HERE

3. I’ll admit it, I’m totally cheating on this one: Books, Boys, Buzz is one of my favorite blogs – and why, you might ask, is that cheating? Well, it links out to several other blogs that I read. They’re an amazing group of YA writers with some great books under their belt – I challenge everyone to pick up a YA book in the coming year – and enjoy it as a reader and a writer – I’d love to hear what you learn! – Try one of these HERE

4. The Wet Noodle Posse has been blogging together for several years – their stories are inspiring, motivational and informative – they kept me going thru my Golden Heart Prep and deserve a special thanks just for that! This amazing group of women blog HERE 

5. Finally – Kate Elliot’s blog as my single writer blog this month. She puts out a lot of great information about how she writes and writing in general. I linked to her a while back for the amazing series of blog posts she did on “Advice For The First Time sff Novelist” – which is great for everyone, not just science fiction/fantasy writers. You can find that, and more HERE

So, what am I missing (besides my amazing Diva girls) – any must reads you can’t seem to skip? Let me know and then Go Write.




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  1. I have no links to add. Wanted to say thanks for the Kate Elliot link. Read her Decemember 2 post mentioning the haka and umm…I’m a rugby fan now.


  2. Thanks for the links. One of my goals this year is to tiptoe into blogs more. I especially liked the Nathan Bransford blog.

    As for books, I just zipped through C. L. Wilson’s Lord of The Fading Lands and Lady of Light and Shadow. The best fantasy books I’ve read this year! BTW, a great example of taking a story over several books like you were talking about at Low Country.

  3. I love Nathan’s blog – how can you not like a guy who likes ‘The Hills’! This video cracks me up and makes me think of him:

    Another writer’s blog I read is Diana Peterfreund’s . . .

    And another great (screenwriting) blog is John August’s


  4. Hey Laurie – It’s great to “see” you again! Hope all is going well down south.

    Kate Elliot – who is an amazing writer/storyteller – posted a great discussion thread on her livejournal about classifying series:

    Love to hear what you come up with for blog’s you enjoy as you ‘tip-toe’ in.

    Have a great holiday!

  5. Bria,

    How could we have missed Meg Cabot’s?!


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