In my last 35 years…

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Spent all week trying to figure out a great list of favorites about something fun and exciting. No luck. The only thing that kept coming to mind was how old I felt working so hard to create an enjoyable Christmas for my family. Then I picked up the cardboard light saber creation (fashioned out of an empty wrapping paper roll) and climbed into my x-wing fighter (those shipping boxes are sometimes more fun than the presents themselves) and realized how I still have some youthful spirit to appreciate the magic of the holiday (*note to new readers- I have two young boys).

This contradiction of feeling old and young rattled in my brain long enough this week that I thought I’d use this space to get it all out. So without further ado, these are a few of my favorite (random) things I’ve learned about…turning 35.

  • Every woman should have a theme song. You know that song that resonates in your head when you need to summon up courage, roar out frustration, etc. Mine is “Let it Snow”. Timely this holiday season, but I find myself singing the first line- ‘Oh the weather outside is frightful’- even in July when I find stress overpowering me. For some reason, it calms me down.
  • I’ve reached the stage in my life that I don’t give a crap. Or at least not as much crap as I used to about certain things like whether my clothes are perfect or if my house is spotless. Life is too complicated and short to worry about the tiniest things. Besides, if my friends are going to judge me by my apparel or home, then they’re not the people I want around me anyway.
  • Men. Ah, what I’ve learned about men in the last 35 years could take up a whole month of blog entries. So I’ll highlight a few below in reference to what women need to know about men.
  • All women need three types of men in their life. One man can be more than one type, and maybe you’ve married the rare man who can pull off all three, but most likely you’ll need at least two different guys to fulfill these needs. First, a woman needs one man (husband, son, father, etc.) to love her unconditionally. No matter what. Second, a woman has to have a honest male friend where sex never enters the picture. Yeah, you can argue When Harry Met Sally, but the friendship is possible. Last, a woman should find a guy who thinks she’s hot. I’m not suggesting an affair, or even a flirtation if you are married (and hopefully if you are married, it’s your husband saying it), but every woman over 30 needs a man who tells her she’s sexy and means it!
  • Every woman over 30 needs to have at least one thing they regret, they’re ashamed of, or would like a do over. This means you’re not perfect, but you’ve grown enough to know it.
  • Also, every woman over 30 should have something in their past they’re proud of, something they knew was crazy to do but they don’t regret it, and something they relive in their mind with a smile on their face. Honey, this means you’ve lived!
  • As for love affairs, I think every woman over 30 should have a few types (again, one relationship can more than one type). One should break your heart. One should show you what love is NOT. One should make you wonder where that person is today. One should end in a friendship and one should carry on forever.
  • Despite what it might feel like when you’re waiting in that school yard to pick up your child(ren), you are no longer in school. Yes, you could get caught up in all that crazy clique stuff from high school and feel like the nerd, band geek, cheerleader, sports star, etc. you were then. But remember, you most likely AREN’T the same person now! High school was decades ago- DECADES! Be who you are now and embrace it! And if people still view you as that high school character, then they lose out.
  • Life is not a popularity contest. I’ve discovered that a few close friends that I trust and love are more important than a hundred acquaintances. In addition, I don’t need a jammed packed social schedule to feel loved and important (and thank goodness, since my calendar has no room for social fun after work and my kids’ stuff!)
  • Every woman should have a guilty pleasure. Maybe it’s reality tv, dark chocolate, erotic novels or 80s love songs. Whatever it is, the guilty pleasure needs to be something that you’re slightly embarrassed about and rarely admit to acquaintances, but something you don’t want to live without (mind you, these are different from bad addictions). I’ll admit to two of mine– teen dramas (One Tree Hill Season 4 just arrived from Netflix! Wahooo!) and Star Wars (namely the X-Box lego video game), now admit to yours!
  • Family is the most important. This group of people may be blood related, legally tied to you or bonded in other ways (i.e. friends), but they are essential. Without family, you’re a solo person floating around in the world with no home base.

I think that’s all I can think of this week. Here are a few more I borrowed from others:

11 Things Women Over 30 Wish Men Knew…
Although there’s debate whether Andy Rooney truly wrote this, but here’s an ode to Women Over 30:

Now what about you? Any major life lessons you’ve learned (at no matter what age you are?)



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  1. Great blog, Meg. It made me think.

    One thing I’ve learned is to not worry so much about what other people think, because whether I like it or not, I am not the center of everyone else’s universe. (A hard concept to absorb–lol).

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