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LOL-I started this entry about this being the last blog of the year and was going to sum up 2007 with a special list of favorite entries and comments by our readers. Then I gazed over my shoulder at the calendar and realized Jessica has the last blog of the year. Silly me. How could I miss New Year’s Eve? My favorite night of the year? I’m an idiot.

However, since I’ve started my annual week of reflection when I think back on the months of the year and remember all the good and process all the bad, I am going to continue on this route (especially since the only other blog in my head is a new year one). Initially, I was going to pick and choose my favorite blog entries of the year, but the task overwhelmed me. My fellow Purple Hearts are amazing and I found myself struggling to choose what NOT to include. So if Jessica will forgive me for jumping the gun, here is a summary of my favorite comments from our readers. (and please note, I will probably miss some great ones since I may not have time to review the whole site, so please don’t be offended if you wrote something inspiring and I missed it!). See if you can find yours…

Great blog. It made me think. One thing I’ve learned is to not worry so much about what other people think, because whether I like it or not, I am not the center of everyone else’s universe. (A hard concept to absorb-lol).

I admit to being afraid. I don’t know why. The same reason I was afraid of my principle in school or my doctor (still, that guy just scares me.) Position of authority. I think we’ve all learned to be scared of anyone who has the right to tell us yes or no. I always appreciate, however, having those people step forward and say, “Hey we aren’t that intimidating” and then I believe it for a few weeks. ) Thanks for dropping by. Since the Knight Agency is my eventually target agency I read all I can about your agents and Bria runs a great blog here so you can’t beat that combination.

Elaine, I so agree with your views on random acts of kindness. I was at the receiving end of one this week. It just doesn’t get much better, and all it takes is a moment of your time.
I am thoroughly enjoying your posts. Wishing you Miles of Smiles )

What I will say about the new book – there’s definitely a vampire cat in it! LOL!

Electric guitars and heavy metal music.
The Tudors (OMG, am I thankful for The Tudors!)
The Man
The Boy
That I brought extra food for lunching today, cause I’m starving already.

I’m thankful for my Man Fan.
I’d lose my mind without him…

You are so much like me, or i’m like you, well anyway, if we knew each other we’d make a good team, hehe, keep up the good work

such horrible luck. quite a string of bad signs. i always try to search for some hidden meaning when I start to see a lot of signs like that. but its always a great sign to keep your head up and keep going in a positive direction. good luck with everything.

I had the delightful opportunity to meet one of my heroines, Elizabeth Berg. I hung around after a book signing, waiting until the last person in line had their autograph and left. I approached Ms. Berg and, with a gulp, told her I was also an author. And she listened, attentively, to my novice anticipation of this new world I’d recently entered and was navigating with some trepidation. When I spoke of how difficult it can be to get started as a writer-searching for an agent, a publisher, a kind word for your work-she said something that has kept me going. “Write first for yourself. If you do, your writing will be true, and the rest will fall into place.” I live by those words. And, when I get discouraged because the agent hasn’t called back, or the publisher said ‘no thanks’, or a kind word isn’t forthcoming, I pull up a manuscript and repeat the mantra: “Write first for yourself.”

It also beats chocolate. Well, most of the time. Writing, that is.

Pop a Mountain Dew or two and relax. I’d suggest locking your editing equipment and your internal editor(s) in the truck of your car or a trusted friend’s. Then, with a Dew and some munchies within reach, read your YA. No critiquing allowed. No obsessing about what needs to be fixed. Just enjoy your accomplishment. Then reclaim your editing stuff and internal editor(s) and put them to work.

Carrots don’t do it for me. I have to keep pushing myself. Chocolate always helps, but that’s a separate issue ;)

Eh, I say live in your own little world. Like Morgan said there ain’t a lot a people in this world to whom we owe accountability. My hubby says I have imaginary friends with all my characters and I say, yes I do. Three cheers for imagination.

Oops. I forgot to leave a comment when I dropped by to read this last week. Crazy week, what can I say?

I have no problem reading sex scenes…I’ve even written a few. There’s an element of ‘thrill’ when two people get to get together. LOL, I almost said cheap…

There was some great advice there! I loved the post; its content, its style. It encouraged me to start writing right away!

Your childhood stories (particularly the one about Animaltown) made me smile and wow at your imagination. I enjoyed reading about your first novel, as I hope for that time to come to me as well (I’m more of a short story writer).

And, I know exactly what you mean about writing being in the forefront. You begin seeing characters and plots everywhere! I love it : ). Anyway, thank you very much for this post! It was truly motivational!And to the other Heartlettes: I’ve been checking out this blog for a few days now and find it fantastic. Keep up the good work, I’ll be hanging around here!

Yayyyyy I can comment. I think my friends and family would all tie me to the computer if I didn’t write. I’m so much calmer when I do. LOL.

LOL- taken out of context with no idea who or what these comments are connected to is rather amusing. So I thank you, devoted readers, for all your time and comments. What started out in May at about nineteen hits has blossomed into almost 1000 hits per month. We couldn’t have done it without you (all our check-ins don’t count!). Here’s to the end of a great year and see you in the next!



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  1. Meg,
    No worries about jumping the gun! I loved the reflective post – there were some comments you mined that I don’t recall reading before . . . and I thought I had read every one of them! Thanks for the reminder of where we’ve been. We’ve come a long way, baby!

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