Vow To My Passions

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It’s a new year and I must admit I’ve never loved New Year’s Resolutions. Instead, this year, I’m taking vows. Not holy ones, but one’s to my writing. I challenge everyone to make some vows to their own passions.

I, Bria Quinlan, do solemnly swear to treat my writing as a career and not just a mistress-hobby. I will behave professionally when representing my writing and myself and I will work at it as though I am already being paid.

I will do something every day to further my writing craft, whether it be writing, editing, polishing, learning, thinking or researching.

I understand that, just like any other career, vacations are necessary, and – just like any other career – should be planned for and scheduled ahead of time.

To further my writing as a career and a passion, I will continue to learn by reading authors I respect, craft books and attending classes and conferences.

While I respect the input of others and understand that most people give their input in an attempt to be helpful, not destructive, I will learn when to bend and when to remain faithful to my own words.

This year I vow I will transfer my knowledge of management and time and space organizational skills into a workshop for artists so that others can learn the skills so readily available in the business world.

And finally, my beloved writing, I promise you I will send you off with a faithfully penned query letter to at least ten agents by our anniversary, April 19th, so that you may grow to your greatest potential.

These things I swear.
2008 – a year of promise. What are yours?



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  1. “While I respect the input of others and understand that most people give their input in an attempt to be helpful, not destructive, I will learn when to bend and when to remain faithful to my own words.”

    Hehe…To thine own self, be true!

    Stick with them Bria, your vows may end up being the framework for my own.

  2. That’s a great way to put it, Bria. Nothing wrong with it at all.

    I hope you succeed.

  3. Thanks guys – I plan on sticking to these. In some ways they seem more important than “goals” to me this year.

  4. Oooo, I’ve been fine tuning my 2008 goals, but I really like the vows spin. I added to mine your “will work as if I’m already being paid.”

    That’s an awesome mindset.

    It’s easy for unpubs to feel like they’re wasting time. And time is money. I mean, twenty pages won’t fill your gas tank. So sometimes it’s difficult to stick with it while traveling the rejection highway.

    I’ve included a check system this year, breaking things down meet weekly goals. I need something to keep me accountable.

  5. Hey Laurie –

    It’s always great to see you! I usually have a check system too. I make sure that “finish writing deadlines” is on my life/work to-do list everyday so I check in with my writing timeline – Thanks for the reminder! I better go set up this years now!

  6. Liza Palmer has some great info for writers on her web site. Below, I have shared some of what she has posted:

    “Because I didn’t go to college or take a writing class and at the time held a full-time job, I decided to learn writing from these little Saturday Workshops at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena, California. It was during one of these workshops that I saw David Ebershoff, who came to speak on writing while keeping a full-time job. I remember several things that Mr. Ebershoff said that day. Notably:

    – He made a goal for himself to only write one page a day. One. He could write more, but it was all gravy after the goal had been met.

    – He kept a calendar on his refrigerator and would religiously mark how many pages he would produce everyday – his only goal, again, being to finish simply ONE page.

    – On the days that he skipped writing, he had to now look at that empty box for a full month.

    – He said that because of this, he found himself writing everyday, just so he could mark it on the calendar.”

    I took a look at my fridge calendar this morning and thought how lonely it would look to have a day without a W on it. This is one of my vows, Bria – to be able to make a mark, every day!


  7. […] couple weeks ago, I wrote my vows to my craft, and one of the things I swore was that “I will behave professionally when representing my […]

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