What I learned from a Hottie Band

February 6, 2008 at 12:40 pm | Posted in Bria, career, creativity, inspiration, music, writing, young adult | 6 Comments

Not long ago I heard a bunch of bands play out at a club and got a valuable lesson in writing (not to mention hotties.)

The first band came on – a bunch guys in their teens. Not bad. The sounded like a garage band and I think the sound guy was doing them a disservice in the still empty bar by having them amped so high the singers words were indistinguishable. But I enjoyed the show.

The second band came on, guys in their late 30’s/early 40’s. It was obvious they were all good at what they did. The made the band before them sound even more unfocused – the were a lot of fun and their set flew by.

The third –First Ave – band came on next. These guys had it going on the moment they started their individual sound checks. I turned to my friend and said, we’re going to like these guys, I know it.

A couple weeks ago, I wrote my vows to my craft, and one of the things I swore was that “I will behave professionally when representing my writing and myself and I will work at it as though I am already being paid.”  These guys did that.

The got on the stage and worked it like they were already rock stars (but not in an obnoxious way.) Individually they sounded great, coming together as a band, the sounded well  – I don’t know the music term for it, but if I was reading a novel, I would say “Their writing was tight.”

The worked the stage at every angle: Good music, professional (ok, rock star, but that’s what they’re striving to be) and hard work.

Hard work? How in the world could you know they were putting in hard work, Bria?

No one, no matter what their craft, gets their sound (words/paragraphs/chapters to us) that tight without a lot of focus, practice and dedication. I just wish I could bottle their charisma too!

I challenge you to check them out HERE and find your own new form of inspiration. What makes you think about your writing in a new way, who really challenges you?

Go Look inside and then Go Write,



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  1. Bria – they have such a great sound! Thank you for turning us on to them. I think I’m HOOKED!

  2. I love FIRST AVE refers to their influences on that site as “the human experience,” how their music is reflecting all that goes on around them. I have to say that adequately describes my writing, too…my experiences, mutated with my imagination.

    Thanks, Bria!

  3. Thanks Ladies –

    I try to see ‘the craft’ in as many places as possible – I love looking at writing from different directions!

  4. Very cool sound. I like it! Passed it on to DH to give a listen.

  5. I loved this one bria. I really liked how you could connect the work it takes to making a band come together to making a book come together. It is true that no matter what your craft happens to be it takes a lot of practice and hard work to make it shine.

  6. Thanks Lauren – Its always great when you visit!

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