Knowing when to say…

February 29, 2008 at 11:26 am | Posted in life, Meg, time management | 5 Comments

On Wednesday, Bria made an excellent point that sometimes you have to write through the pain- whether it’s writer’s block, personal issues or actual emotional pain, because once you get to the other side, it’s amazing. I agree with this one hundred percent. If you love something, inevitably there will be rough times and you need to stick with it to get to the joy again. However, sometimes you also need to know when to say when.

Maybe the when is after 50 rejection letters and you realize that maybe you should stop sending out queries until you analyze the feedback. Or maybe it’s after editing for six months straight and you have to accept that the manuscript is as polished as you can get it right now (and you need to start sending it out). Or maybe it’s when the words just won’t come anymore on your current ms and you know it’s time to try something new. Whatever the occasion, sometimes you have to stop pushing.

As you know from my last few months of blogs, I’m not writing. Stuck isn’t even the word for it anymore. Creatively tapped? Artistically blank? Devoid of all literary skill? Regardless of the fancy description, it’s just not working. So I’m saying ‘uncle’.

I don’t remember where this password originated, but growing up with two physically overpowering brothers, ‘uncle’ was the only pass to escape the pain. When they would twist my body into five different pretzels and yell ‘Say it, say it!’ into my ear, I would struggle as long as I could, but inevitably I’d have to yell ‘Uncle!’ Only then would tthey let me go.

Using ‘uncle’ was not giving up, but it was conceding to the fact that you weren’t in the position to fight anymore. Like being backed into the corner of the boxing ring and you need the bell to sound so you can take a rest, rinse out your mouth and start over again. I need that not only in my writing, but also in the blog.

In talking to Bria this week about it, I used a bad analogy to explain how I’ve been feeling about the blog. It’s like we’re talking about France- Jessica and Bria live in Paris and I’ve recently relocated to Rome. I can reminisce about chocolate crepes, but Jessica can actually smell them and tell you what street corner vendor has the best ones right now. Memories of the Eiffel Tower dance in my head, but Bria can dance under the lights tonight and share about the people enjoying it with her. They are living writing, I’m remembering.

That being said, I know I haven’t been putting 110 percent into my blog entries and I apologize greatly. My fellow heartlettes and our readers deserve that level of participation and commitment. I can’t give it right now and feel I need to take a hiatus to concentrate on figuring out how to adjust to my new living environment. After all, when in Rome…

So I hope to return from my hiatus soon and re-embark on this adventure with everyone. In the meantime, I won’t be gone far and look forward to the posts of my colleagues, maybe even post a comment a time or two. Until then…





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  1. Oh Meagan – I feel for you. There are times when this industry just gets to be too much and you need lie down and rest. I hope you find your muse, your motivation and your words very soon.

  2. Thank you, Barb. It was a tough decision to step away for a while, one I even today am questioning, but I need it. I hope to get back into things soon though! Thanks for your kind thoughts…

  3. Dear Meagan, I’m in exactly the same “emotional/head” space as you are, and I was actually glad to read your post and know that there’s somebody like me out there who’s feeling the same way! I’ve had three stressful years with my dh’s career change, and we’ve moved across country twice in two years. And yet, he can’t understand why I’m not churning out books! I don’t have a creative thought in my head – it’s all blank in there. I wonder if it’ll ever return and I’ll be hitting the keyboard again. Thank you for giving us this honest and helpful post! Enjoy the sights and new things to be had in Rome and I’m betting you’ll eventually unwind enough to get back to the computer. Good luck!

  4. Thanks, Laurie. I just returned from your blog and hope you are healing from your arm injury soon. Thank you for the validation and support. Although I hate to have others experiencing this loss of inspiration, it’s selfishly nice to know I’m not alone. I wish you words!

  5. […] at the Purple Hearts know that Friday is usually Meg’s day to post . . . and if you tuned in last week you’ll know that Meg is taking a breather.  Bria and I are amping up our […]

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