Writing Partners and The Business of Writing

March 3, 2008 at 7:26 am | Posted in career, Dianna Love Snell, friendship, Jessica, Mary Buckham, writing | 1 Comment

A good businessperson will look to surround herself with people whose strengths complement her weaknesses – together, they make a stronger whole.

As Myretta Robens mentioned in her blog for us back in September, the friendships that writers strike with one another have professional, social, and restorative properties to them. That very idea was the main reason we Purple Hearts started this blog – to help each other through the ups and downs of learning, practicing, becoming better writers, and getting published.

And with Mary Buckham and Dianna Love Snell as our guests this month, the timing of today’s blog post is a little uncanny. As Dianna mentioned in their post, “If one of us finds something interesting we share it and the other will dig a little deeper for a new nugget of information.” . . . which speaks to the point of my post today.

Interesting enough, a whole other aspect of writing relationship has emerged as a result of this blog – how our strengths help one another out. With so much information available on so many different things, we Purple Hearts have inadvertently settled into different roles that we fill for one another. In that way, we have partnered to fill these important aspects in the business of writing. One of us may be the go-to plot doctor while another is the research maven and yet another friend in our online community is the marketing expert. We help fill gaps in each other’s knowledge and share with each other those interesting somethings that prompt us to dig deeper for the nuggets Dianna mentioned.

When brought together, the whole is much greater than the sum of our parts and I believe that this strong support – social and professional – will factor into our success as writers.

As Mary wrote in their post, “. . . the day you decide that nothing will stop you from being published is the day you’ll never turn back. You’ll make different choices as to how you spend your time, who you will associate with, how you will invest in your career.”

So if you choose to take on partners, pick good ones who will balance out your weaknesses and contribute to your success. No matter what, keep writing!

We thank Mary and Dianna for being here with us this week. As a bonus, they are giving away two generous prizes at the end of the week – a set of 5 BREAK INTO FICTION™ templates from their highly successful Break Into Fiction™ Template Teaching Series to one winner and a critique of a query or cover letter to another. Post a comment to their blog to be eligible. Winners will be chosen at random on Friday.



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  1. […] after the list to “business alliance.”What a great phrase – it sums up (to me) what Jessica was discussing on Monday. It’s a step beyond a partnership.So I looked them up at dictionary.com part·ner·ship -noun […]

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