Model Through It . . . otherwise known as Make It Work

March 10, 2008 at 11:16 am | Posted in career, getting organized, Jessica, writing | 2 Comments

I once worked with a woman who said, ‘I can juggle ten balls just fine but give me one more and I will drop all of them.’  Right now, I feel like I am juggling about fifteen. Some continue to stay air born, a few have bounced off the floor, but I just pick them up and push forward as best I can. It is a test of skill, patience, and mental and physical stamina to say the least. 


It feels a little like being back in college for me – after a while, you triage your priorities into the categories of what absolutely needs to be done NOW, what can come secondary, what is of least priority, and what it is that I either wish I could be doing or would rather be doing that will have to wait until the main priorities get addressed.


I have been in dire need of down time but have had to sacrifice most of my unwinding activities to address the NOWs.  Because of that, I missed the Project Runway finale (horror!) this past week and although I know who won and have seen clips of the collections online, I am still disappointed I missed the show.  Wednesday is my guilty TV night and oddly enough the catch phrases from my Wednesday night shows speak to how I am getting through this demanding rough patch. Whether it’s Tim Gunn’s, ‘Make it Work,’ or Tyra Banks’s, ‘Model Through It,’ the message is to work through the problems and get the job done.




So that’s where I’m at this week.  Suffering a little bit of burnout but putting the fatigue and stress aside as best I can to keep pushing to get the NOWs done.  The good news – once I get through the NOWs I have a fun writing project and a TBR stack I want to get back to!  So there’s my reward, which helps make this demanding rough patch a little more tolerable.  There is an end in sight!


Keep writing!




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  1. Awww, Jess, I hate to hear you’re having a hard time. If it’s any consolation, things do get better- we all know where I was last month and believe it or not, things are feeling so much better this month after taking the following advice (which YOU gave me, if I remember correctly!):

    Look at that NOW pile realistically and see how many of them are essential to your existence right now. Some aren’t. Set those aside and I promise, your load will feel lighter. Mine does, and I’m even writing now! Granted only a little bit, but it’s still happening!!


  2. My dad always says, ‘Tough times don’t last, tough people do.’ The good news is that this rough patch is starting to smooth out a bit and so am I! Thanks for the cheer, Meg!

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