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March 14, 2008 at 7:24 am | Posted in agents/ editors, Blogs, books, publishing, writing | 8 Comments

We have another groups of posts from around the blog-o-sphere that we would like to share with you this week, so here are some of our favorites (in no particular order):   

Jungle Red Writers is a group blog comprised of five mystery authors: Jan Brogan, Hallie Ephron, Rosemary Harris, Roberta Isleib, and Hank Phillippi Ryan.  When we saw their post on Writing Hangovers, we felt it was closely kindred to our entries this week on burnout.  We appreciated hearing that other writers (especially these talented and accomplished ladies) experience little blips on their productivity screens too! 

 Hey, There’s a Dead Guy in the Living Room is a blog for Mystery Publishing, From Idea to Bookshelf. Every Sunday, Pocket editor Abby Zidle shares an editor’s perspective and this week’s post on Why Your Editor Wants You to Have An Agent was a timely one for us as we start to rev up for pitches and queries. 

One of our favorite blog sights offered two posts this week that not only featured great advice for bloggers, but timeless advice for writers in any medium as well.  The first Pro Blogger entry we want to share is Supercharge Your Content With Voice  . . . which, as writers, we know is what helps make us as unique as our fingerprints.  

And since authors experience those ups and downs that call upon having a thick skin, we thought we’d also throw in this post from Pro Blogger on How to Deal with Blog Hecklers.   

We started the Purple Hearts blog to help foster a community of writers, so it seems fitting to share this post from Magical Musings on What I Learned From Other Writers.  We loved how the references were to authors past and present. 

We hope you all have a great weekend, and want to end today’s post by sharing this motivational entry — Try Not, Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try — from entrepreneur and life strategist, Dominic Siano. (The title of the post is a line of dialogue attributed to Yoda!) 

Before the day is out, please stop in at Barbara Vey’s Beyond
Her Book
blog at Publishers Weekly. Today is Barbara’s one year blogging aniversary and she is planning an online party to include lots of giveaways.

She would like to take the message to the PW bigwigs that a place is needed and wanted to talk about all kinds of books in general and romance specifically. To make the message strong, let’s help her blow them away with numbers! Please go to Barbara’s blog today, Friday, March 14. Read and/or post a comment to the blog so we can help Barbara hit record numbers and send a strong message to PW! Plus, who knows what you might win in the giveaway!
Click HERE to join in the fun.

C’mon back next Friday when we’ll again post the entries we’ve found and would like to share from the week’s publishing and book blogs.  

Have a great writing week!       



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  1. All fabulous stuff. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I love what the team is doing here…

    I found your blog extremely useful and look-forward to new posts.



  3. Dominic,
    Thank you for stopping by – we thought the same about your blog! We appreciate your kind words and look forward to seeing you here again, soon.

  4. Thanks for the great list, and for giving Magical Musings a mention 🙂 .

  5. Thanks for mentioning Magical Musings and my blog. Very cool. I didn’t know that about Abby Zidle. I’ll check that out too.

    Barbara Vey is a friend of mine, and I was so happy to see that she had almost 400 comments a couple hours ago. She probably has more now.:)

  6. You might have gathered we HEART Nathan Bransford blog here at the Purple Hearts – another timely (get your query together post) came thru this week:


  7. We were happy to give Magical Musings a shout! Thank you for stopping by here and paying us a visit . . .

  8. Hey–

    What a treat to see you mention Jungle Red Writers! We’re thrilled and delighted that you’re stopping by. Writers have to stick together, of course. Who else could have an entire conversation about adverbs–or a perfectly innocent one about murder?

    Mondays each of us takes a turn starting a new conversation, Wednesdays we often have a special guest, and Fridays is anything-can-happen day!

    Tomorrow–Monday–SINC president and our blog sister Roberta Isleib has convinced us to name drop (and you know we’d never do that otherwise) but we’ll own up to which authors we were most thrilled to meet–and how they reacted to our fan-dom.

    Bring a cup of tea or a latte…and let us know you’re there. And we’ll also be visiting here!

    see you all soon

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