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What started out as a way for us to continue to share information with our Purple Hearts community has turned into one of the most fun and educational challenges of the week — to comb through the many and varied writing and publishing blogs and identify a few posts that we think will interest you as much as they interested us.

Here we go, in no particular order:

The week started off in fine fashion when a Purple Hearts favorite, Kathy Carmichael, guested at the Plot Monkeys blog. (The pages on her web site about synopsis writing offer life-saving measures!) She wrote a fabulous post on HOW TO GIVE YOUR READERS THAT AH! ENDING.   Kathy always has great insight and helpful tips, so we encourage you to take a glimpse at her post by clicking HERE.

And speaking of synopsis writing, there is a new PLOT SYNOPSIS PROJECT taking place over at Live Journal.  This project defines the synopsis and a number of authors have posted samples of their work.  To take a gander at these helpful examples, click HERE.

When we stumbled across JA Konrath’s blog, A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing, we couldn’t believe we hadn’t found it sooner — the content is so up our alley!  This week we found a helpful and motivational post on DEALING WITH DISCOURAGEMENT.   This multi-published thriller author even offers some great tricks to help face down the discouragement demons.  To find those tricks, click HERE.

Although our focus here is on novel writing, the principles of screenwriting are great additional tools  to help hone your fiction craft.  There are a number of similarities between the two, which is why we wanted to recommend an entry from the Screenwriting Goldmine blog.  The post on EASY STEPS TO POLISH YOUR FIRST DRAFT has some spot-on advice that will apply whether you are polishing your script of buffing up your book.  To see what those tips are, click HERE

We find some invaluable information in agent blogs, and Caren Johnson has done something  that we think is a great practice — while she still posts information to her blog, she has re-purposed her blog to feature active posts from her clients.  We loved this two-part series this week on PROMO 101.  To link to Lesson 2 (a link to Lesson 1 is featured in the post), click HERE.

In talking about agent blogs,  we would be remiss if we didn’t mention Nathan Bransford of Curtis Brown.  Even though we try to vary up the sources we cite every week, we could go every Friday and refer back to something Nathan said over the course of the week.  So . . . we have decided to end each Friday’s What’s New In Publishing segment with a note from Nathan — or, as we affectionately call it, WHAT NATHAN SAID.  Click HERE for WNS this week on TRUST AND COMMUNICATION.  

And there you have it — our picks for the week ending March 21.   Have a great weekend, and we’ll look forward to seeing you again next week! 


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