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May 2, 2008 at 9:11 am | Posted in Blogs, books, publishing, writing | 2 Comments
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. . . Another Friday and another chance for us to share some great writing and publishing resources from around the blog-o-sphere.

Jonathan Lyons does a rundown on being a writer and getting paid.  It’s more than just shouting, “Show me the money!” at your agent.  For his post on GETTING PAID, click HERE

And to continue on a similar strain, Chip MacGregor from Writer Interrupted had a great post this week on GOING FROM PART-TIME TO FULL-TIME WRITING.  To read how, click HERE.

LitMatch featured a post this week that talks about the SASE and the upcoming postage hike.  To find this post on POSTAGE CHANGE COMING – FUTURE-PROOF YOUR QUERIES “FOREVER”, click HERE.

Michael S. Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, (a predominantly Christian book publisher), had a great post this week on CHOOSING WHICH BOOKS TO PUBLISH.  The information is helpful for anyone looking to break into the ranks of the published, whether you write Christian books or otherwise.  To read his take on the topic, click HERE.

A number of the blogs we looked at this week called for a review of goals at this point in the year, so we thought a post on motivation would be a helpful one to share.  We loved this post from Pick the Brain on MOTIVATION DOESN’T NEED TO BE SEXY; OR HOW TO STAY MOTIVATED UNTIL THE END.  To read HOW, click HERE.

In case you hadn’t heard, Janet Reid from Fine Print Literary has a blog where she dissects queries.  If you want to submit to ‘the shark,’ you can find the link HERE for her blog, Query Shark.

Are shapeshifters the new vampires?  You be the judge — click HERE to check out this new group blog.

And one last note — Brenda Novak has kicked off her fourth annual online auction for diabetes research.  After raising $250,000 last year, this year’s goal is to raise $300,000!  Click HERE to see the list of amazing items up for bid and to, of course, participate!

So . . . that’s the list for today.  As always, please share your favorite posts from cyberland in the comments section — we would love to learn about the resources you’ve found helpful!  Have a great weekend, and keep writing!



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  1. My blog is written from the point of view of an indie writer who was victimized by the traditional publishing industry for years until I finally smartened up and went my own way. Writers looking for a fiery site that isn’t afraid to tell editors and agents to kiss my ass should swing by for a look. I think many would find my perspective quite refreshing and empowering. I talk about the new technologies and podcasting and POD and–well, do drop in and see for yourself…

  2. Nancy,

    Thank you for a most informative interview on your very long and winding road to publication. Your astute observations as to what held you back is hauntingly familiar. As a new member of RWA, the temptation to ‘pay it forward’ to the many generous authors who lend a helping hand is often overwhelming and can have us judging too many contests, giving classes, and volunteering for board positions.

    And the role of wife, mother, and daughter, can also interfere with our dream of just doing for “ME”.

    Thank you for the excellent reminder that we have to learn how to balance ‘other’ nurturing with our ‘self’ nurturing to reach our dreams.

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