Finding Inspiration in Friendship

May 5, 2008 at 7:19 am | Posted in friendship, inspiration, Jessica, writing | 3 Comments

I had a college student’s weekend in that my weekend started on Thursday night. Sadly, I no longer have the mental and physical stamina of a college student so while I had a nice, long, busy weekend, this Monday morning feels as though it has come all too soon.

I’ll characterize my weekend by saying I spent it supporting the arts – such a fun string of days, it’s no wonder the time flew!

– Thursday night I attended an author talk, where three superstar authors spoke to a sold-out crowd about writing and life
– Friday night I attended a book launch party for a debut author and dear friend
– Saturday night I attended an opera recital
– And yesterday, I hope you all stopped by the blog to help us welcome another dear friend, Nancy Haddock, as our guest and to celebrate the release of her debut book, LA VIDA VAMPIRE

And while all of these people from my weekend are solo artists, I am reminded that it often does take a village to make our projects come to fruition. Whether in the support of a critique partner, a commiserating peer, or a loyal, caring loved one there to help pick up the pieces when they fall or help us keep up the good work when things go well, we are not as alone as it often feels. Seeing the care and support during each of these artists’ events, makes me grateful not only for being able to support them in the way(s) I can, but also for the people who provide such medicine for me.

So while I’m toiling away on seemingly endless writing conundrums, I will think back to this weekend and remember the strength and creativity and forward momentum that true friendship can inspire. And when I hit the proverbial wall, I hope to draw on that strength, creativity, and positive momentum, and keep writing!




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  1. Jessica
    It was great to hang out with you on Friday. Someday soon, I’ll be attending YOUR book launch party and standing beside you as I tell everyone that I knew you when! Thanks for being my kind and supportive friend through all my trials and tribulations with writing and beyond.

  2. Jessica, it sounds like you filled your creative well this weekend — fantastic!

    Meg, mega congratulations on your launch party! May you hit every bestseller list, and may you always have fun writing!

    Nancy Haddock

  3. It was fun to see you, Jessica. No wonder you were so tired yesterday! LOL! You’ve been on a social whirlwind. Hope it settles down soon so you can have some well-deserved Jessica time.

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