List of Lists for Writers

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I love lists. I love lists ALMOST as much as spreadsheets. And so, since lists are amazing, here is a List of Lists for Writers.

If you aren’t a member of, get in there. It lets you choose what themed pages you jump through and allows you to find things you never would have seen if you were just randomly searching.

Get ready to start bookmarking these!

19 Posts Writers Shouldn’t Ignore: Sharon at ‘Get Paid to Write’ put together a list of sites to help you promote your writing and yourself.

Techniques for Creative Thinking: Collectively, there are several hundred techniques published in books by Michael Michalko, Andy Van Gundy, James Higgins, Dilip Mukerjea and others. Techniques are like tools in a workshop, with different tools for different parts of the creative process. For example, there are techniques for defining a problem, exploring attributes of a problem, generating alternatives, visual explorations, metaphors, analogies, and evaluating and implementing ideas. HERE is a small selection of techniques.

The Top 5 FREE Software Programs Every Writer Should Have put together this great list. I’ll admit, not the techno person I wish I was, but THIS sure helped me find what I need.

150 Resources to Help You Write Better – This is from OEDb (Online Education Database) I managed to kill an amount of time which shall not be admitted here with this website. I also sucked in a large number of the FlanTastics. It’s worth checking out.

Top Read Writing Information Article Listing: From ‘Writing Information’ – 100 must read articles for writers. Their tagline is “Articles To Hone Your Writing Skills To Perfection!” And they’re right!

List of Proofreaders Marks – Confused by what some of those little squiggles mean? Clear it all up HERE with the visual, the example and the explanation.

Top 10 Grammar Myths: One of my favorite sources, Grammar Girl, did a great Top 10 list. Check it out HERE.

Commonly Overused Words – When I was in fourth grade I had a teacher who took away the words ‘good’ and ‘nice’ from our vocabulary. We couldn’t write them. We couldn’t say them. We couldn’t think them (I’m pretty sure she knew when we broke this rule too.) So, I’m thinking of taking away a new word a week. This list should help – challenge your vocabulary with the list and its suggested replacement words HERE.

The Writinghood has a list of websites dedicated to words HERE: For the Love of Words: Seven Wonderful Websites Where Words Matter

Need resources for proper grammatical usage, citation formats, or paper writing. Check out Internet Public Library’s HERE.

Inkalicious does a “Writer’s Cheat Sheet” with lots of great boiled down summaries HERE.

Every tried journaling and not been able to get into it? Here’s Litemind’s 13 Tools to Making Journaling Work for You.

Every day a new reason to write/edit/live the dream. Start on Day One HERE and see where your at on Day 100.

50+ Open Courseware Writing Classes from the World’s Leading Universities —- Free learning! Enough said.

In the spirit of the list of lists, here is a post called DON’T (a list) at one of my favorite blogs, Ask Daphne. Before you write that query letter, check it out HERE.

Hope you found the list-list helpful. Do you have a favorite? Post it in our comments section! And then, Go Write




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  1. Wow, Bria, that is a lot of lists! I don’t have a favorite “list” per se. I’d say the list I visit most often would be Emily Veinglory’s list of epublishers and her list of sales comparison. I also go to Brenda Hiatt’s list of sales averages at major publishers that sell romance. She also gives you a rough idea of what kind of advances publishers pay. From her main page, you have to click on “Show Me The Money” as there is no direct link to this section.

    Another site I’ve used is Bella Online’s list of erotic romance publishers and magazines.

    Happy listing everyone!

  2. oh this is helpful.
    I’ll be marking these pages…

    Hey, I smell chocolate donuts. Are you eating chocolate donuts?

  3. I LOVE lists too – especially helpful ones that teach me stuff.
    great blog!

  4. Wow! Great adds Vivienne!

    Nope Bethanne, no chocolate donuts here. Sorry 🙂

    Me too December. I love lists. I like to see how other people organize things, and have quick references grouped together in ways that help me keep on track.

    Thanks for stopping by ladies!

  5. One of my favorite lists of lists is The Cheat Sheet for Writers it was one of the first resources I discovered thanks to RD.

    I can wait to dig through some of these! Thanks, Bria!

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