What’s New in Publishing Blogs this Week

May 23, 2008 at 7:21 am | Posted in Blogs, books, publishing, writing | 5 Comments

Lots to share this week, so let’s get right to it:

Earlier this month we discussed why writers should mentor, here Jessica Faust starts a discussion on DEFINING AND HONORING WRITING MENTORS. What is a writing mentor . . . besides something we all hope to find? Check it out and chime in.

Laura Vivanco at Teach Me Tonight has an amazingly in-depth look at women, love, perception, romance and some hot button issues. Don’t miss this astute look at women and our desires as noted in her post, MY ROUTE FROM HERE.

If you haven’t found Joanna Bourne’s blog yet (or her book The Spymaster’s Lady), don’t walk, don’t run, SPRINT to both. Her blog covers amazing writing topics everyday and the book is a must read. If you question the importance of Cadence in writing, you’ll never wonder again. Start HERE by reading MORE OF THE BEST WRITING MISTAKES.

We all know YA is hot right now, Caren Johnson takes a look at a bunch of books and discusses what it is and why it works. For a continuation of THE YA DEBATE, click HERE.

Kristin Nelson addresses reader opinion — what it is and why it carries so much weight and what we can learn from them. Click HERE for her post on why MILLIONS OF READERS ARE NOT WRONG.

On the Agent in the Middle blog, Lori Perkins posts, ‘Writer’s Digest asked me to answer some questions for an upcoming article, but I missed the deadline (it was less than a week and I just had too much to do for you), so I’m posting my answers here. But do look for the articles when they run (and let me know when they do).’ To check out SOME ANSWERS FOR BEGINNERS, click HERE.

Deb Werksman, acquiring editor for Sourcebooks, posts some details on the Casablanca Authors’ blog on what she is looking to acquire and how to get your material in her hands. For more information on DEB WERKSMAN, CASABLANCA ACQUIRING AUTHOR, click HERE.

Rachelle Gardner, on the Rants and Ramblings blog, clears up any misunderstandings on EARNING OUT ADVANCES. If you have questions or want more information on this aspect of the sale, click HERE.

This week, Pro Blogger shared the 12 TRAITS OF SUCCESSFUL BLOGGERS. These traits apply to writers of all kinds, not just bloggers so we thought it was an appropriate one for this week’s Friday wrap-up. To see how many of those 12 traits you possess, click HERE.

The Kindle has taken over discussion on lots of the blogs we visit, and The Book Publicity Blog shared a resource this week on TIPS FOR KINDLE USERS. We thought we’d share this for the Kindle-curious. For more information, click HERE.

We love Elizabeth Boyle (check out her visit to our very own Purple Hearts blog) and this week she posted an interesting promotional idea that a number of authors can easily do. What a great way to promote not only your own book, but those of your friends! Check out her fun — and environmentally conscious — suggestion HERE.

Whew! That’ll do it for this week. As always, please share your other suggestions in today’s comments section. We’d love to see what caught your eye this week.

Have a great, long holiday weekend!



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  1. Thanks for including me! I look at sharing as just plain old good karma. And we can all use a bit of that. Have a great long weekend!

  2. Elizabeth – Thanks for visiting! We love having you stop by (as well as your books. ..and your blog. . .and, well, you get the point!)

  3. An add to this weeks list: If you haven’t checked out Writer’s Digest’s 101 Best Sites for Writers — here it is: http://writersdigest.com/101BestSites/

  4. Thanks for including Deb’s visit to the Casa blog!!

  5. I love your writing. It is very good.

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