‘Hurray!’ I wish that for you!

June 12, 2008 at 9:10 am | Posted in life, Meg, writing | 3 Comments

This morning, I sat in a crowded, hot gymnasium and watched my child sing his heart out at his Kindergarten Celebration. It was amazing. Amazing that I did not fully break into sobs (only got teary eyed). Amazing that just about every kid performed their heart out. And amazing that I found inspiration at this monumental occasion for my last blog.Okay, so that last one wasn’t so amazing. As you read last week, writing prompts come from everywhere, at any time, so elementary school shows can be a perfect place for that clarity and ‘aha’ moment. For me, it happened during the last song when all three classes sang:

“We’re great, but no one knows it
No one knows it so far
Someday they’ll realize how wonderful we are.
They’ll look at us and point at us
And then they’ll shout “Hurray!”
We’re great, but no one knows it
But they will some day!”

I think this is a mantra we should all memorize. For those of us struggling to finish that book, suffering through rejections or the endless wait for agent/editor responses, or yearning for our current published work to rise up the New York Times Bestseller’s list, we should all remember that we are great. Even though we might still have a lot left to learn, we are gifted and fantastic and someday soon, everyone will know it as long as we keep trying and working hard.

So for my last entry on this challenging and rewarding adventure in my life, I hope you take away the hopes and dreams I have for each of you. Keep working at it, keep writing and living your dream, because one day everyone will know how great you are. Someday you’ll walk into a room and get a ‘Hurray!’ I wish that for you!

And I wanted to thank Jessica and Bria for this journey. I learned so much about writing, myself and friendship, that I never would’ve experienced anywhere else. Both of these ladies are wonderful people and I hope they receive all the best in life.



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  1. “Keep working at it, keep writing and living your dream, because one day everyone will know how great you are.”

    Something we can all hope for.

  2. This blog is so nice. I wonder why it hasn’t been updated.

  3. Hi Meg – I was wondering too – the blog’s very nice – why no recent updates? judi writing as Lynn Romaine (Long run Home due out 09/18/09)

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