Sources I’m Loving:

The AMAZING Kate Elliot has done a series on her blog titled: “Advice for the First Time sff Novelist.” Don’t let the title fool you! It is more for all novelists.  Check her out here: 


Looking for a contest in the near future? Stephie Smith keeps a decent list updated at her website:



Candy Havens is starting a new Fast Draft class on August 13th. Get into her yahoo group now and run the gauntlet with her!


Stephanie Bond’s ‘Writer’s Page’ has great articles for every level, including her Self Editing Checklist Series – definitely worth checking it out – there’s an article tied to every “checkbox” to help you look at them in the right way:


This week’s resource is also this week’s author. I highly recommend you check out Diana Peterfreund’s series “When Good Advice Goes Bad” on her blog.  In her typical fun yet informative way, Diana covers several pieces of advice new writers get drilled into their heads.  She also is great at taking the time to respond to the comments her readers leave.  Definitely worth a peek:


Gary Chapman has written a great book, The Five Love Languages,  about how people show and perceive love. It’s a great way to hone in on love-traits of your hero/heroine.  Check out his site and take his quick quiz to see your own love language:


Candace Havens teaches a great workshop around Fast Drafting.  She teaches you to turn off that pesky internal editor and just write – a lot – 20 pages a day for 14 days straight.  Sounds tough, it can be – but I wrote a lot and learned even more.  I highly recommend checking her out here:


This is the link to Deanna Carlyle’s site, specifically her article 1000 Verbs to Write By. She also has great articles on characters, plotting, writing description and a bunch more I’m too lazy to type out here.  Check her out:


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