What’s New in Publishing Blogs this Week

June 6, 2008 at 7:10 am | Posted in Blogs, books, publishing, writing | 4 Comments

After poking around the blog-o-sphere this past week, here are just a few blog postings we wanted to share with you:

In the past we’ve talked about the importance of word choice and making every word count and Phil Gladwin posted an awesome example on the Screenwriting Goldmine in his post, THE BEST DIALOGUE I NEVER WROTE . . . We really hope you check it out. It is so effective, it will give you chills!

Check out this INTERVIEW WITH HARLEQUIN EDITOR JOHANNA RAISANEN for information about Harlequin, its history, and advice for writers. You can find it on the Much Cheaper Than Therapy blog.

Eileen Astels, a Christian Romance Writer, posted a SELF EDITING FOR FICTION WRITERS CHEAT SHEET. We thought it was worth sharing. Check it out HERE.

For anyone with a dream, Claire Cook guested at The Lipstick Chronicles this week with an interview, info on her new release, and some thoughts for dreamers. To take a look, Find Claire’s post HERE.

We found this great new blog called Time to Write, and this week Jurgen Wulff writes about WHY YOU SHOULD WRITE ABOUT WRITING. Perhaps the advice shared can help make the process less of a struggle each time out. Click HERE for more.

And although this post is not from this past week, it’s another new blog (well, new to us) that we felt we should share. The blog is: Richard Curtis on Publishing in the 21st Century. One post worth mentioning, TWO WORLDS OF LITERATURE is worth a click. HERE.

Good stuff! Anything else you’d like to share? Please post the nod in our comments section so we can take a look.

Have a great weekend everyone!

What’s New in Publishing Blogs this Week

May 23, 2008 at 7:21 am | Posted in Blogs, books, publishing, writing | 5 Comments

Lots to share this week, so let’s get right to it:

Earlier this month we discussed why writers should mentor, here Jessica Faust starts a discussion on DEFINING AND HONORING WRITING MENTORS. What is a writing mentor . . . besides something we all hope to find? Check it out and chime in.

Laura Vivanco at Teach Me Tonight has an amazingly in-depth look at women, love, perception, romance and some hot button issues. Don’t miss this astute look at women and our desires as noted in her post, MY ROUTE FROM HERE.

If you haven’t found Joanna Bourne’s blog yet (or her book The Spymaster’s Lady), don’t walk, don’t run, SPRINT to both. Her blog covers amazing writing topics everyday and the book is a must read. If you question the importance of Cadence in writing, you’ll never wonder again. Start HERE by reading MORE OF THE BEST WRITING MISTAKES.

We all know YA is hot right now, Caren Johnson takes a look at a bunch of books and discusses what it is and why it works. For a continuation of THE YA DEBATE, click HERE.

Kristin Nelson addresses reader opinion — what it is and why it carries so much weight and what we can learn from them. Click HERE for her post on why MILLIONS OF READERS ARE NOT WRONG.

On the Agent in the Middle blog, Lori Perkins posts, ‘Writer’s Digest asked me to answer some questions for an upcoming article, but I missed the deadline (it was less than a week and I just had too much to do for you), so I’m posting my answers here. But do look for the articles when they run (and let me know when they do).’ To check out SOME ANSWERS FOR BEGINNERS, click HERE.

Deb Werksman, acquiring editor for Sourcebooks, posts some details on the Casablanca Authors’ blog on what she is looking to acquire and how to get your material in her hands. For more information on DEB WERKSMAN, CASABLANCA ACQUIRING AUTHOR, click HERE.

Rachelle Gardner, on the Rants and Ramblings blog, clears up any misunderstandings on EARNING OUT ADVANCES. If you have questions or want more information on this aspect of the sale, click HERE.

This week, Pro Blogger shared the 12 TRAITS OF SUCCESSFUL BLOGGERS. These traits apply to writers of all kinds, not just bloggers so we thought it was an appropriate one for this week’s Friday wrap-up. To see how many of those 12 traits you possess, click HERE.

The Kindle has taken over discussion on lots of the blogs we visit, and The Book Publicity Blog shared a resource this week on TIPS FOR KINDLE USERS. We thought we’d share this for the Kindle-curious. For more information, click HERE.

We love Elizabeth Boyle (check out her visit to our very own Purple Hearts blog) and this week she posted an interesting promotional idea that a number of authors can easily do. What a great way to promote not only your own book, but those of your friends! Check out her fun — and environmentally conscious — suggestion HERE.

Whew! That’ll do it for this week. As always, please share your other suggestions in today’s comments section. We’d love to see what caught your eye this week.

Have a great, long holiday weekend!

What’s New in Publishing Blogs this Week

May 16, 2008 at 7:15 am | Posted in Blogs, books, publishing, writing | 2 Comments

In our ongoing quest of sharing new resources with you all, here are our findings for this week:

As many of us start to gear up for the RWA National Conference this summer, this post by Adina Kahn of Dystel and Goderich Literary Management on the DO’S AND DON’TS OF PITCHING offers great and practical advice for your pitch appointments. For more information, click HERE.

Jason Boog from The Publishing Spot has a great post this week on HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR WRITING. Think you’ve won the game when you get THE CALL? In many ways, the game is just beginning. For more insight, click HERE.

At Flogging the Quill, there is a SHOW VERSUS TELL CLINIC taking place. To join in the discussion or to submit your own questions, click HERE.

We know that a bunch of our readers write romantic suspense, so the blog, The Graveyard Shift, is one we definitely wanted to share. With blog categories such as evidence, police procedures, and prisons and jails, there are more resources and more information on this blog than we can summarize here, but as one example check out one of this week’s from guest blogger Defense Attorney, Jessa Lutz, entitled, THEY’RE NOT ALL MONSTERS.

And so as not to end on a ‘No Country For Old Men’ note, we wanted to share this fun resource as reported on the Writer Unboxed blog, called, OBSERVATIONS ON DECK, a book and card deck that offers inspiration in lots of ways. To get the scoop on this great writer’s gift, click HERE.

We hope you found as interesting a mix of helpful resources listed as we did. As always, please share any other posts you found helpful from the week in today’s comments section. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Have a great weekend!

What’s New in Publishing Blogs this Week

May 9, 2008 at 7:23 am | Posted in Blogs, books, publishing, writing, young adult | 3 Comments

It was a lean week in terms of time for research, but we still came up with a few posts we’d like to share with you this Friday.

The week started with an exciting announcement about a new line: Belle Bridge Books, posted by Deb Dixon. The blog post states:

“What we are looking for is writers with unique voices who create strong fantasy, dark fantasy and urban fantasy stories with compelling characters–male or female.

We’re looking at some young adult. Very excited about that. If you’re interested in querying, head on over to the website: http://www.bellbridgebooks.com/

If you’ve got a suitable project, we hope you’ll give them a query and we wish you luck!

Junta42, a content marketing and custom publishing blog, posted its NEW TOP 42 BLOGS LIST. The list includes a variety of content marketing blog sites, ranging from online marketing, new media, viral content, and blogging — all things we envision could help a writer in some way. Check out this wealth of information HERE.

Lynn Viehl of the Paperback Writer shared a clever post this week in which she makes STORY VOWS, or the TEN PROMISES [she’s] MADE TO [her] WIP. While all 10 resonate with us, we want to give a special highlight to vow #4: “I will give you the best I’ve got, not whatever’s left over after the rest of the world is through beating the hell out of me for the day.”

Every so often we need some tough love to help kickstart the writing, and our friend Barb at the Moody Muses had a lot of love to share this week. Check out her TOUGH LOVE POST FOR A DEAR FRIEND in which she asks, How bad do you want it? Barb, we love you for your tough love and friendship!

And since we Purple Hearts have a lot of interest in YA books and the writing of such, we thought we’d close out the week by sharing this next blog — not because it has anything to do with books or publishing, but because it’s a great glimpse into the life of a teen fashionista. We loved her post this week on CHANGE YOUR SHOES, CHANGE YOUR DAY. We [purple] heart her!

So that’s it for now. As always, please share your suggestions in the comments section of today’s post. And don’t forget — at the end of the day today, we’ll choose one lucky winner to receive a copy of Nancy Haddock’s debut novel, La Vida Vampire. To be eligible for the drawing, post a comment to Nancy’s Honorary Heartlette guest post by the end of the day today.

Have a great writing weekend!

What’s New in Publishing Blogs This Week

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. . . Another Friday and another chance for us to share some great writing and publishing resources from around the blog-o-sphere.

Jonathan Lyons does a rundown on being a writer and getting paid.  It’s more than just shouting, “Show me the money!” at your agent.  For his post on GETTING PAID, click HERE

And to continue on a similar strain, Chip MacGregor from Writer Interrupted had a great post this week on GOING FROM PART-TIME TO FULL-TIME WRITING.  To read how, click HERE.

LitMatch featured a post this week that talks about the SASE and the upcoming postage hike.  To find this post on POSTAGE CHANGE COMING – FUTURE-PROOF YOUR QUERIES “FOREVER”, click HERE.

Michael S. Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, (a predominantly Christian book publisher), had a great post this week on CHOOSING WHICH BOOKS TO PUBLISH.  The information is helpful for anyone looking to break into the ranks of the published, whether you write Christian books or otherwise.  To read his take on the topic, click HERE.

A number of the blogs we looked at this week called for a review of goals at this point in the year, so we thought a post on motivation would be a helpful one to share.  We loved this post from Pick the Brain on MOTIVATION DOESN’T NEED TO BE SEXY; OR HOW TO STAY MOTIVATED UNTIL THE END.  To read HOW, click HERE.

In case you hadn’t heard, Janet Reid from Fine Print Literary has a blog where she dissects queries.  If you want to submit to ‘the shark,’ you can find the link HERE for her blog, Query Shark.

Are shapeshifters the new vampires?  You be the judge — click HERE to check out this new group blog.

And one last note — Brenda Novak has kicked off her fourth annual online auction for diabetes research.  After raising $250,000 last year, this year’s goal is to raise $300,000!  Click HERE to see the list of amazing items up for bid and to, of course, participate!

So . . . that’s the list for today.  As always, please share your favorite posts from cyberland in the comments section — we would love to learn about the resources you’ve found helpful!  Have a great weekend, and keep writing!

What’s New in Publishing Blogs this Week

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Here are some posts from some new blogs we haven’t shared with you before.  We hope you find them as helpful as we did!
— In the vein of Nathan Bransford’s ‘Anatomy of a Great Query Letter’, here’s Guide To Literary Agent’s Anatomy of a Bad Query Letter.  Not only does he show what is bad, but he walks step by step through the letter explaining why.  
— This weekend Lori Perkins discusses the new Harper Collins’ Reverse against Returns policy — learn when and how it started and how it will have an impact on the industry.
— Janet Reid if Fine Print Literary talks about the difference the RIGHT agent can make.
— Joe Wikert responds to INDEX // mb blog on ‘The 14 Things I Have Learned From Author Websites.’ If you haven’t thought about this yet, this will help you start.
Why mentor young authors? Tara Yellen gives you very good reasons here.
— John Scalzi at ‘Whatever’ wrote a story. He posted it for free. He said if you like it, give me a couple dollars. See what happened.
And those are the new and random posts from around the blog-o-sphere this week.  Have a great weekend!

What’s New in Publishing Blogs This Week

April 18, 2008 at 7:43 am | Posted in Blogs, books, publishing, writing | 2 Comments
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Coming out of conference mode, we thought the following blog references would be timely – colleagues and contests and queries, oh my!

We have talked about poisonous playmates on our blog in the past, but Kathleen Bolton does a great job in her post this week on Writer Unboxed. Click HERE for her take when you encounter these kinds of colleagues. We love how she talks about her appointments with her muse.

Here’s a great contest for young writers being run by Jonathan Friesen, author of the upcoming book, Jerk, California. If you are under twenty years of age and you have written an original short story about a character who discovers, through a personal journey, who he/she truly is, click HERE for more details.

We thought it would be a good opportunity this Friday to share a new agent’s new blog — a new agent in the sense that Diana Fox, formerly of Writers House, has now launched her own agency, Fox Literary. Stay tuned to her new blog for more info from her.

Rachelle Gardner, a literary agent with WordServe Literary, has a great post this week on Ask the Agent: Queries on Queries. She gives some great answers to some probing query questions, so click HERE if you want to take a look.

And find out What Nathan Said (WNS) when writers tell him they can write a compelling novel but can’t write a query letter. Find his insight HERE.

So . . . that’s all for now. As always, we would love to get your suggestions for other helpful blog posts from the week. Please post them in the comments section. Have a great weekend and keep writing!

What’s New in Publishing Blogs This Week

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We Purple Hearts are offline this week as we embark on one of those conferences mentioned in Monday’s post. So for this week we’ll leave you with just one post from around the blog-o-sphere:

There was a post on Copyblogger that talked about the 6 WAYS BLOGGERS ARE LIKE RAPPERS. Click HERE for the comparisons.

. . . and it’s not just about the way we both manipulate words. Take a look and let us know what you think!

What’s New in Publishing Blogs This Week

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Friday has quickly become the favorite day of the week around here – and not obviously because the weekend has nearly arrived.  No . . . it is our chance to share with you some of the blog posts  we found helpful in this week’s book and publishing blogs.  Here they are, in no particular order: 

The NY Times blog gives us the Seven Deadly Words of Book Reviewing showing us that not only writer’s overuse and misuse words, but the people who critique them do as well.  To view those Seven Deadly Words, click HERE.

On Agent in the Middle, Lori Perkins talks about published authors and the continued struggle for agent representation and publication, proving that life doesn’t become Easy Street after that first contract and what to do about it. For a post on PUBLISHED WRITERS WHO CAN’T GET AGENTS, click HERE.

How did they do it? Churchill, Gandhi, Beethoven — all of them accomplished amazing things with the same hours in the day as everyone else. Look at some hints to mirror their successes. For example, Author Tom Robbins schedules only 3 hours of writing at his desk per day. I walked away thinking, I can do that. For the 10 WAYS HISTORY’S FINEST KEPT THEIR FOCUS AT WORK, click on this post at the Life Dev blog HERE.

Time Management is a big topic for us at the Purple Hearts, so this next post really hit home. Jason Boog speaks with writer Jeff Gordinier about sneaking in places and times to write when the family, the house, the job and life in general can get in the way.  For advice on HOW TO WRITE A BOOK WITH A DAY JOB AND A FAMILY, click HERE.

Often we all have the tendency to stay within our comfort zones, and our life with software is no different.  Lifehacker helps you get to the next step of using Microsoft Windows. For advice on how to work in FULL SCREEN MODE, click HERE.

As bloggers begin selling their free work in book form, here’s one agent’s humorous look at the blog-to-book idea. Click HERE for Jenny Rappaport’s take from her blog, Lit Soup

Our last recommendation for the week is something we try to practice here at the Purple Hearts.  Life at times gets in the way, but it doesn’t have to disrupt your blogging schedule if you have a blog emergency plan.  To find out what we mean by that, click HERE to see if you are PREPARED FOR A BLOGGING EMERGENCY.

And there you have it. Another week of what we’ve found to be helpful from around the blog-o-sphere.  If you have any others you would like to share, please post them to our comments section.  We would love to see what resources helped get you through your writing week.

Until next time . . .  

What’s New in Publishing Blogs This Week

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We spent the week scouring the web for some different and helpful resources to share, and here’s what we found to be new in publishing and book blogs this week:   

Over this past month here at the Purple Hearts, we have talked about writer burnout, motivation, writing in multiple genres and keeping it fresh . . . and a post this week from Mai Thao of the Title Magic blog encapsulates all of those things when she writes about her “MID-LIFE” WRITING CRISIS. What’s especially motivating about this post is that she went from taking a break from writing to making it into the American Title IV contest (as well as being a semi-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award). Go Mai! To read her post, click HERE.

As an unpublished writer we face so many unknowns. When will The Call ever come? Will I ever get paid for this? Kristin Nelson from the Nelson Literary Agency has a helpful post this week on PAYMENT SCHEDULES. To read her insight on this important matter, click HERE.

We reference a number of agent blogs in our weekly what’s new post, and Jonathan Lyons from Lyons Literary LLC had a post this week that pointed out the grains of salt we can all take when it comes to the variety of opinions shared by agent bloggers. For his post, click HERE.

We have often talked about compiling a glossary of all the publishing terms that a newbie confronts when first walking into a writer’s group or chapter meeting and the Guide to Literary Agents Editor’s Blog posted a series called WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? LITERARY DEFINITIONS. To read Volume 4 of the series (posted this week), click HERE.

Our last two references for the week relate to one another in that they talk about sending materials to an agent via email.



And there you have it! If you have your own go-to posts for the week, we would love for you to share them by posting to the comments section.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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