Fresh Fall Fever

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Changing seasons affect our lives in so many ways, but – for me – Fall most of all. As the true nerdy-girl that I am, I live for this season. My body and mind seem to recognize the academic calendar more than say, the traditional western calendar, the lunar calendar, the solar calendar, the Chinese calendar,  the Long Count Mayan calendar, the. . .oh, you get the point.

I know spring is supposed to represent rebirth – but for me, it truly is the fall.

Fall is when I escaped my home, had my first date, had my first kiss, had my first devastating heartbreak, had my first apartment, had my first job, traveled to my first country without my family, quit being ‘too nice,’ bought my first car, got in my first accident (nope, I wasn’t even moving when he hit me), changed my major from Criminal Justice to English, changed careers, escaped an abusive relationship, and so many other things – although not in that order.

So now, here we are at the beginning of fall and my whole body feels itchy. My feet hate the idea of not being on a trail, while my mind can’t quit telling its stories. I smell the crisp fall leaves and wish I could fly – honestly, fly! The air is brisk and makes everything seem clean and possible.

Last night I went to bed early for me, exhausted from a long day at a Stephenie Meyer Q&A (of course, after waiting, there were only 8 Q’s, but with 1000 people waiting to get their books signed I guess I can understand that.)

In bed I waited for the exhaustion and the headache to knock me out, but my mind, racing with its Fall Fever kept playing the scene again and again. Each time it got clearer and more intense. Faela, the little hussy, kept demanding that all she wanted for her 16th birthday was a kiss – a REAL kiss. And Brennid, the poor man, kept denying her although it’s all he wanted to do – of course, it wasn’t his birthday.

I’d been dreading this scene, knowing approximately the things I wanted to happen, but not the picture, not the intensity.

The evening air had cleared my head after a day with some very intense teen girls talking about some very intense scenes in Ms. Meyer’s book.

(Are you seeing a theme? If not I’ll hand it to you. I’ve always been drawn to the intense, although I never noticed this until a friend pointed it out as a dangerous habit.)

And so, with Fall pushing my senses, I eventually crawled out of bed and I flipped my laptop on. The light from the screen hurt my eyes, so I twisted it down to reflect on the keyboard and typed away blind.

This morning, the fresh day pulled me out of my bed and pushed me toward my writing. I halted as I considered what could be awaiting me on my screen.

It wasn’t bad. There was a bunch of typos from writing blind, tired and headachy. But it was there, the intensity I’d been shying away from because of the idea of writing “YA.” Nothing shocking, nothing ‘too old.’ But intensity, nonetheless echoed between my characters in this scene.

I thought about a scene I’d cut it from and pulled if from my ‘cut file.’ There it was again. Fall pushing me to add things I’d shied from.

You know what. I’m going to write this book like it’s a Fresh Fall Fever day everyday. Draw out the intensity, echo the feelings across the page because if there was one thing I learned (or remembered) at the Q&A, it is that teens are intense creatures having not learned the civilized attitude of suppressing their feelings to a numb level. They live in my Fall. Now I’m going to live there too.

Find what draws you and live there. Go Write

– bria

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