What’s New in Publishing Blogs This Week

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It’s been a quiet week in the blog-o-sphere, we suspect because so many of our colleagues ventured to LA for Book Expo . . . but we managed to find a few noteworthy posts to share so here goes:

Shake that moneymaker. At Magical Musings, Edie Ramer talks about her moneymaker . . . and it’s not what you think. Think you know what we mean? Click HERE to find out.

Want to find out WINNING SECRETS FROM A WRITING CONTEST JUDGE? Click HERE for advice as posted on The Eldritch Post.

This week, Rachelle Gardner shared a post on HOW LONG IS YOUR BOOK? We found these guidelines on word count and queries helpful. Click HERE to find out why they will be helpful for you, too.

Curious as to why books released in 2007 increased by 39%? So were we. Check out why there are 400,000 BOOKS AND COUNTING by checking out the blog post on Jonathan Lyons’s blog.

For more statistics on the number of books published, check out Laurie McLean’s blog notes on a recent RWA speech she gave at the San Diego conference. Learn the top five publishers of romance fiction (by sales), number of books published (rather than sold) by category, who are the readers, E-Books, POD Romance numbers and A LOT more.

Jennifer Jackson is doing a series answering anonymous questions called DEAR AGENT MANNERS. For invaluable advice from this agent, click HERE.

What’s the difference between an agent and a publicist? Jessica Faust explains in her post, ARE AGENTS ALSO MANAGERS?

So . . . that’s our round-up for this week. Did we miss anything? Let us know! Please post your findings in this week’s comments section. We’d love to hear what you’ve found helpful from this week’s blog posts.

Have a great weekend!

What’s New in Publishing Blogs This Week

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. . . Another Friday and another chance for us to share some great writing and publishing resources from around the blog-o-sphere.

Jonathan Lyons does a rundown on being a writer and getting paid.  It’s more than just shouting, “Show me the money!” at your agent.  For his post on GETTING PAID, click HERE

And to continue on a similar strain, Chip MacGregor from Writer Interrupted had a great post this week on GOING FROM PART-TIME TO FULL-TIME WRITING.  To read how, click HERE.

LitMatch featured a post this week that talks about the SASE and the upcoming postage hike.  To find this post on POSTAGE CHANGE COMING – FUTURE-PROOF YOUR QUERIES “FOREVER”, click HERE.

Michael S. Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, (a predominantly Christian book publisher), had a great post this week on CHOOSING WHICH BOOKS TO PUBLISH.  The information is helpful for anyone looking to break into the ranks of the published, whether you write Christian books or otherwise.  To read his take on the topic, click HERE.

A number of the blogs we looked at this week called for a review of goals at this point in the year, so we thought a post on motivation would be a helpful one to share.  We loved this post from Pick the Brain on MOTIVATION DOESN’T NEED TO BE SEXY; OR HOW TO STAY MOTIVATED UNTIL THE END.  To read HOW, click HERE.

In case you hadn’t heard, Janet Reid from Fine Print Literary has a blog where she dissects queries.  If you want to submit to ‘the shark,’ you can find the link HERE for her blog, Query Shark.

Are shapeshifters the new vampires?  You be the judge — click HERE to check out this new group blog.

And one last note — Brenda Novak has kicked off her fourth annual online auction for diabetes research.  After raising $250,000 last year, this year’s goal is to raise $300,000!  Click HERE to see the list of amazing items up for bid and to, of course, participate!

So . . . that’s the list for today.  As always, please share your favorite posts from cyberland in the comments section — we would love to learn about the resources you’ve found helpful!  Have a great weekend, and keep writing!

What’s New in Publishing Blogs This Week

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We spent the week scouring the web for some different and helpful resources to share, and here’s what we found to be new in publishing and book blogs this week:   

Over this past month here at the Purple Hearts, we have talked about writer burnout, motivation, writing in multiple genres and keeping it fresh . . . and a post this week from Mai Thao of the Title Magic blog encapsulates all of those things when she writes about her “MID-LIFE” WRITING CRISIS. What’s especially motivating about this post is that she went from taking a break from writing to making it into the American Title IV contest (as well as being a semi-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award). Go Mai! To read her post, click HERE.

As an unpublished writer we face so many unknowns. When will The Call ever come? Will I ever get paid for this? Kristin Nelson from the Nelson Literary Agency has a helpful post this week on PAYMENT SCHEDULES. To read her insight on this important matter, click HERE.

We reference a number of agent blogs in our weekly what’s new post, and Jonathan Lyons from Lyons Literary LLC had a post this week that pointed out the grains of salt we can all take when it comes to the variety of opinions shared by agent bloggers. For his post, click HERE.

We have often talked about compiling a glossary of all the publishing terms that a newbie confronts when first walking into a writer’s group or chapter meeting and the Guide to Literary Agents Editor’s Blog posted a series called WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? LITERARY DEFINITIONS. To read Volume 4 of the series (posted this week), click HERE.

Our last two references for the week relate to one another in that they talk about sending materials to an agent via email.



And there you have it! If you have your own go-to posts for the week, we would love for you to share them by posting to the comments section.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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