What’s New in Publishing Blogs This Week

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It’s been a quiet week in the blog-o-sphere, we suspect because so many of our colleagues ventured to LA for Book Expo . . . but we managed to find a few noteworthy posts to share so here goes:

Shake that moneymaker. At Magical Musings, Edie Ramer talks about her moneymaker . . . and it’s not what you think. Think you know what we mean? Click HERE to find out.

Want to find out WINNING SECRETS FROM A WRITING CONTEST JUDGE? Click HERE for advice as posted on The Eldritch Post.

This week, Rachelle Gardner shared a post on HOW LONG IS YOUR BOOK? We found these guidelines on word count and queries helpful. Click HERE to find out why they will be helpful for you, too.

Curious as to why books released in 2007 increased by 39%? So were we. Check out why there are 400,000 BOOKS AND COUNTING by checking out the blog post on Jonathan Lyons’s blog.

For more statistics on the number of books published, check out Laurie McLean’s blog notes on a recent RWA speech she gave at the San Diego conference. Learn the top five publishers of romance fiction (by sales), number of books published (rather than sold) by category, who are the readers, E-Books, POD Romance numbers and A LOT more.

Jennifer Jackson is doing a series answering anonymous questions called DEAR AGENT MANNERS. For invaluable advice from this agent, click HERE.

What’s the difference between an agent and a publicist? Jessica Faust explains in her post, ARE AGENTS ALSO MANAGERS?

So . . . that’s our round-up for this week. Did we miss anything? Let us know! Please post your findings in this week’s comments section. We’d love to hear what you’ve found helpful from this week’s blog posts.

Have a great weekend!

What’s New in Publishing Blogs This Week

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Coming out of conference mode, we thought the following blog references would be timely – colleagues and contests and queries, oh my!

We have talked about poisonous playmates on our blog in the past, but Kathleen Bolton does a great job in her post this week on Writer Unboxed. Click HERE for her take when you encounter these kinds of colleagues. We love how she talks about her appointments with her muse.

Here’s a great contest for young writers being run by Jonathan Friesen, author of the upcoming book, Jerk, California. If you are under twenty years of age and you have written an original short story about a character who discovers, through a personal journey, who he/she truly is, click HERE for more details.

We thought it would be a good opportunity this Friday to share a new agent’s new blog — a new agent in the sense that Diana Fox, formerly of Writers House, has now launched her own agency, Fox Literary. Stay tuned to her new blog for more info from her.

Rachelle Gardner, a literary agent with WordServe Literary, has a great post this week on Ask the Agent: Queries on Queries. She gives some great answers to some probing query questions, so click HERE if you want to take a look.

And find out What Nathan Said (WNS) when writers tell him they can write a compelling novel but can’t write a query letter. Find his insight HERE.

So . . . that’s all for now. As always, we would love to get your suggestions for other helpful blog posts from the week. Please post them in the comments section. Have a great weekend and keep writing!

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