I’m writing again and am so excited. Something clicked a few weeks ago and I picked up my finished manuscript. It wasn’t as bad as my inner critic told me. Just needed some work. So I’m busy rewriting, working feverishly to get it at a point where I’m extremely proud of it. Almost there.

This current story is women’s fiction for lack of a better term. It’s my new goal to come up with a new way of describing women’s fiction. So get your thinking hats on and help me out…

What I’m reading:

Currently open on my nightstand is Ten Uses for an Unused Prom Dress by our Honorary Heartlette Tina Ferraro.

I just finished Wednesday Letters by Jason Wright. A great recipe for keeping love alive in any relationships.


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  1. Women’s Fiction is generally distinguised by having a strong female protagonist who is facing some challenge, change or life event and who struggles and overcomes the challenge. There may be some element of romance, but that is secondary to the story. There is always a happy resolution/ending. It’s often easier to make the distinction between women’s fiction and romance, than to distinguish women’s fiction from chick lit or maintstream literary fiction. It can be clear as mud–lol.

  2. Hello

    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


  3. Hello

    Looks good! Very useful, good stuff. Good resources here. Thanks much!


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